You Could Have Stopped It Anytime

Katie finds another nut. Or rather, a whole bushel of nuts:

It is not helpful (or surprising) that “birthers” — conspiracy
theorists who have convinced themselves that Barack Obama is not a
native son — have assumed kudzu qualities among Republicans in the
South. In apoll
commissioned by the liberal blog Daily Kos, participants were asked:
“Do you believe that Barack Obama was born in the United States of
America or not?”

Hefty majorities in the Northeast, the Midwest and the West believe
Obama was born in the United States. But in the land of cotton, where
old times are not by God forgotten, only 47 percent believe Obama was
born in America and 30 percent aren’t sure.

Southern Republicans, it seems, have seceded from sanity.


That same rage was on display again in the fall of 2008, but this time
the frenzy was stimulated by a pretty gal with a mocking little wink.
Sarah Palin may not have realized what she was doing, but Southerners
weaned on Harper Lee heard the dog whistle.

The curious Republican campaign of 2008 may have galvanized a
conservative Southern base — including many who were mostly concerned
with the direction Democrats would take the country — but it also
repelled others who simply bolted and ran the other way.

You think it was just 2008 that freaked people out? Really? Not 2003, or 2004, or even 2006? You think it all turned on a dime in the past three years or so? SERIOUSLY? Good people have been fighting this racist shit for decades, Katiekins, while you and your Republican garden party pals pretended you weren’t sleeping on a bed of bones. The only sin the birther nuts have committed that’s new is being a little louder about their crazy than you can convince people to politely ignore. Those of us who didn’t get to the party yesterday have noticed for a while that the tipping point was coming.

For YEARS now, for fucking years, Republicans and Southern Republicans particularly have been playing on the inherent, not to mention outright, racism all over this country in order to hold on to power. They called it Law and Order and they called it States Rights and they called it the War on Terror but basically what it’s all about is making people vote their worst suspicions about their fellow Americans.

In 2001 it was assholes painting their chests red, white and blue and beating up Arab and Sikh cabdrivers. In 2003 it was assholes pouring French wine down the storm drains and breaking windows of French laundries. In 2004 it was assholes tossing around the implication that John Kerry shot himself in the leg so that 30 years later he could run for president. And during NONE of that did you ever stand up, Katie, and say Republicans had better repudiate this insane horseshit once and for all, before they destroyed themselves.

It was the same couple thousand dickheads, spurred on by the same five rich pricks who wanted to feed off the mob to line their pockets. You think it’s a coincidence that the Swift Boat fuckers are speaking at the tea parties? You think they just kind of show up there? You think there’s not a bus that takes them from one shop in the Mall of Crazy to another? Come on.

Jude wrote this in the comments tothe Orly Taitz post:

I don’t like it.

Sure, it’s good to see a ridiculous idea being met with ridicule.

But I get the feeling that if she didn’t sound like a squeaky
Natasha Fatale, she wouldn’t be getting filleted on TV. I mean, Newt
says crazier shit than that, and no one calls him on it. Ditto Ann
Coulter and Michelle Malkin, so it’s not just a sexist thing. And
Limbaugh? Please. This shit is just a crazy hors d’oeuvre for him.

No, she’s committed a grave sacrilege; she isn’t One Of Them.

If she had some Villager Cred, all the Serious People on TV would be
solemnly discussing the need for the President to address the

I mean, I’m glad that she’s being dismissed out of hand. But it’s the why that gets to me.

THIS IS WHERE YOU EAT, Kathleen. These are your people and I’m sorry you don’t like it but you don’t get to pretend you got here yesterday. You’ve been heading for this for years, and it roiled and bubbled beneath you while you sipped your wine and nibbled your canapés. These are the people who make what you do possible. I’m sorry they gross you out but they’ve always been there and you don’t get to act like you had no idea gambling was going on in this establishment, you selectively self-aware, morally dsylexic enabler.

By the by, Kates, leave Harper Lee out of it. She’s got enough to deal with without being saddled with the entirety of the Southern worldview, and she was arguing against the very things you were lionizing for decades in the guise of sensible Republicanism. Why do I have a feeling Lee was the only Southern writer whose name Katie could pull out of her ass on deadline?


26 thoughts on “You Could Have Stopped It Anytime

  1. Right on.
    And it is even used in the in-fighting among the repubs. (Remember how McCain was torpedoed in 2004).
    Or look at how Kerry was swift-boated.
    Rather than having political debate, the repubs have moved entirely to innuendo and character asassination.
    Of course, if you political platform was originally inscribed on stone tablets that Moses carried down from the mountain, and exist as a religious tenet, what debate can there be?

  2. These people didn’t watch enough Deadwood. All of Rev. Lee’s ramblings about the foot and the arm and the eye: One nation under god, bitches. Deal with it.
    R’s want to have it both ways– gin up the ignorant rednecks when you need a loud pissed-off crowd and then pretend to be better than your brothers and shun them when they cost you credibility.
    As for Parker:
    And, the South, for all its sins, is also lush with beauty, grace and mystery.
    That reminded me of the scene in Passion Fish where the ditzy NY actress in the group that has come down to Louisiana to visit is swirling around and talking about how “fecund” and magical it is.

  3. The Harper Lee snipe makes zero fucking sense. I think you have it right, A. She’s so goddamn illiterate she can’t think of another Southern author.

  4. Been puking over Katiekins for many months now. Blech, it’s time to cancel the WaPo subscription.
    “Why do I have a feeling Lee was the only Southern writer whose name Katie could pull out of her ass on deadline?”
    Anser: Because it’s true.

  5. Hi A. I like to think of Parker as Wingnut Goldilocks. She doesn’t want her crazy too hot (teabaggers) or too cold (Ben Nelson and other “mainstream” Democrats) but juuuuust right (War On Terror + catering to the wealthy).
    Aldus Manutius is smiling on you, by the way.

  6. if she didn’t use lee, most republikkklans would be clueless.
    it’s hard to see your party is headed for a cliff when you are partying in the back seat.

  7. Nice anti-white propoganda.
    I bet you dont bat an eye when various ethnic groups use their tribal centric ideals as a launching point for political use. Unless it is white people of course.

  8. vOv-
    Since you’re already here, tell us something useful, please. Why do you and your ilk (the little troll people) hate spelling, punctuation, and grammar so much?
    Is it a genetic thing, or cultural?

  9. Hey, vOv – there aren’t just brown tribes, mmkay…? I think you are awash in anti-melanin propaganda you tool.

  10. virgotex
    She is anti-white and probably doasnt even consider the hypocracy of what she is writing. She has been told that if she actualy thought about the situation from a logical perspective that she is racist(if she is white) and if she isnt white then the hypocracy is just the natural order of things.
    It is funny that after all of the prodding of white people over my life time that there are people such as you and the author who are genuinely surprised that there are whites who will actually stand up for themselves. I know you have been told that everything bad thing today is a the fault of a white person somewhere, but did it ever occur to you that that it isnt necessarily true and people such as myself are sick of being racially slandered by bigots like you.

  11. Well. And now back to the sane portion of the evening’s entertainment…
    I would actually be inclined to cut Ms Parker some slack here. She’s questioning, and questioning is good. It’s also probably something she’s fairly new at, so will need some time to get the hang of it, but once she does she’ll either find out that it’s all been going on since, er, shortly after the end of the Civil War, or else she’ll freak and bolt back to the safety of the herd.
    I’d guess that we want her to carry on questioning, so let’s be nice. Because it’s not about stopping it in 2003, or 2004 or 2006. We can’t do that. It’s about stopping it as close to now as we can, and for that we need more people to come over from the other side and join us. Yelling at them seldom achieves that.

  12. Elspeth
    I know that. The author of this slander doasnt however.
    I could write a very simliar piece where all I would have to do is change a few party names and a few organisations and it would reflect the otherside of the coin.
    There is a reason I wouldnt, that reason is I know it would be hypocritical to cry about one portion of the population doing the same thing that everyone else doas.
    Again, I am not the one posting a rant piece full of cursing and general ignorance. She is.

  13. vOv: what a moran (I spelled it the way you on the right spell it so you wouldn’t be confused).
    It cracks me up so much to see white people (of which I am one, so blond-haired and blue eyed my Jewish girlfriend in college called me her pet Aryan) complain about how hard it is to be white. Let me quote Chris Rock from one of his HBO comedy specials: “There’s not one white guy here who would trade places with me–and I’m RICH!”
    Bonus Chris Rock video link:

  14. Don’t forget the Christian Coalition (read: one Ralph Reed from Georgia and his cohorts) in the late 1990s that brought about the co-mingling of Southern Democrats (they changed names) and Northern Republicans (they changed values), which in turn led the Republican party from a group worth debating with to this hot, bigoted, benighted, Christian-supremacist mess.
    Catering to the lowest common denominator will always get you votes. Then, many years later, you’ve got to keep that pact with the devil and dance with them what brung you. The Republicans are so screwed ideologically, but that doesn’t mean it’s their end. Just the opposite. This increasingly confused Frankenstein of a party can and will win again thanks to spineless Dems.

  15. I love it. In the delusional Stormfront-reject world, pointing out that the Republican party exists to gin up hostility based on something as spurious as skin colour, and that they’ve been doing it since they decided to assimilate the Dixiecrats, isracism andanti-white behaviour, whatever “white” means. (Go ahead, punk, tell me that the amount of melanin someone does or doesn’t have actuallysignifies something important about them. Do itwithout using the Bible. Do ya feel lucky? Do ya?)
    Racists are fucking hilarious, especially since the lines are getting increasingly blurred. Not that they ever weren’t. Whatdoes “white” mean, anyway? Witness Walter Francis White (1893-1955), the blonde-haired, blue-eyed, pale-skinned “legal Negro” who had five dark-skinned great-great-great-grandparents. Hell, my boyfriend has brown hair and green eyes, and is so pale you can trace through him, but one of his grandmothers was from Thailand and another from Portugal. Barack Obama’s mother had pale skin and he doesn’t. Hm. So much for arbitrary culturally-defined categories.

  16. For the record, Parker is originally from Florida, lives in South Carolina, and if I recall correctly, did a stint at the Baltimore Sun. I would hope she’s past the “questioning” phase.
    Otherwise, your point is well taken, Zander.

  17. Regarding racism:
    A new racist mass shooting.
    Now there’s some real racism for you. Saying that one powerful political party uses the personal and institutional racisms of our society for its own benefit? Not so much.

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