That seems to be the choice we’re facing. At the bottom of a very brief, kind of stupid story about a crime:

Information from: Fort Collins Coloradoan

What information? The whole entire story? The pertinent facts, rewritten hastily to shove out onto the wires? Some of the facts? All of them? The AP, that guardian of our democratic press, that bastion against journalistic malfeasance, does not say.

The Coloradoan is an AP member paper and thus pays the AP to carry itsRon Fournier bullshit content and the AP gets to pick up whatever it wants from the paper’s journalists. I hope the AP paid the Coloradoan for the use of its content. If not, I think the Coloradoan should sue.

Especially since their own story was so much richer and well-written and also had a completely different set of numbers than the version the AP put out.

It is, after all, only a matter of time before the parasite kills the host.


2 thoughts on “AP: Giant Hypocrites or TEH GIANTEST HYPOCRITES EVAR?

  1. That’s the way the AP has operated for decades. Local papers subscribe and the AP gets the rights to take any story and rewrite it as they wish. It’s why my former paper went with the (pre-religious crazy) UPI, which had its own network of national bureaus in the 1980s.

  2. A, I didn’t realize that you actually had to pay the AP to carry your content. I could see paying the AP to use its content but as the AP benefits from your content it seems odd to have to pay them to carry you.
    Can I go as far as to make the analogy that bloggers and even deep linking are better than the AP as you don’t pay the bloggers?

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