Get Out of the Argument Free


Every time a case comes up involving racism and police, we hear about Tawana freaking Brawleyfrom 22 years ago.
Yes, she lied. Yes, Al Sharpton is a fool. But every single time, it’s
always “remember Tawana Brawley”. That one screwjob of a case is simply
not the get out of jail free card for racism that conservatives so
often think it is.

Because expanded out this is the whole arguing tactic they count on, wingnuts do. “Oh yeah, what about the fat person who smokes, do I have to pay for his health care? What about the lady who scammed welfare for bazillions of dollars, should my hard work reward her? What about this one time my cousin’s brother’s wife’s bridge partner went to the store and heard two people speaking Spanish to each other, why doesn’t everyone just learn English?” Because if they can make the fight about some exception then they don’t have to argue the rule.


6 thoughts on “Get Out of the Argument Free

  1. Right on.
    Paradoxically, this argument invariably distills down to the conservative attempting to excuse themselves of their responsibilities.
    For example, I’m sure Rush would make the argument about Obama’s smoking and potenial healthcare costs. But how well does Rush take care of his own health? Does he exercise (vs. does he treat exercise with distain in his diatribes)…
    Kind of like the wingnut owner next door to me that repeatedly damages my property. He excuses it with how bad the economy is, etc.

  2. Their issue is not the content. The content is almost irrelevant. Their issue is about forcing/provoking the fight, then winning it.
    To oversimplify it: They are about tactics and strategy, we are about content.
    They’re going to win (on their terms), or declare victory, every single fucking time, because that’s what it’s about for them, and they have a tactic for every contingency. They even have a tactic for when they don’t win: they lie and say they did.

  3. Good Point Virgo.
    And can I ask a dumb question: Has there ever been a repulican who has perjured themselves for a political Agenda?
    I can’t recall. I don’t remember. I can’t remember that.

  4. Has there ever been a repulican who has perjured themselves for a political Agenda?
    I dunno, did Joe McCarthy ever testify under oath? Most of the time you can’t get Republicans to perjure themselves because they won’t swear in.

  5. Good point. While I was going beyond the lying of the Nixon/Agnew/Reagan cabals and kidding about the memory losses the repubs seem to have when testifying, I hadn’t even considered the obstruction charges that should be leveled.

  6. Good afternoon. Our lives teach us who we are.
    I am from Tanzania and learning to speak English, please tell me right I wrote the following sentence: “S economy is a big factor behind this.”
    With love :), Brazil.

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