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About time.Look, I’m all for this rope-a-dope shit where we try to make the marriage from hell work for a while, but we saw what we got out of it. Crazy people screaming. The Republicans could have marshaled some sort of thoughtful opposition here but they chose to cede the debate to Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck. What they got was every militia-belonging nutball with an AK who wanted to be on TV. So, we’re done with that now, and maybe next time we can start out by not even bothering to ask them what they think.

Seriously, it’s time to quit screwing around. And the Republicans have done us a favor by making sure opposition to health care reform is a red-faced lunatic with a Hitler sign, in that nobody wants to be that dude. Conrad and Nelson and Lincoln and whoever else is in the asshole caucus these days (Have you noticed we haven’t heard shit from Joe Lieberman lately? Isn’t that nice?) are about to be on that guy’s side.

I don’t think this was all planned by the way, this isn’t me going, “See, doubters, your weak minds betray you!” or something. I do think, though, that there are worse positions to be in than the one the Democrats find themselves in right now.


8 thoughts on “Do It

  1. Grassley lost his seat at the table when he started the pull the plug on granny talk, along with handing out Glenn Beck’s book at his rallies. That they did not kick him off that committee then just shows the flawed nature of Senate “collegiality.”

  2. A lot of times my silence on posts on this blog means that it is said extremely well and that any comment I make would only dilute the power of the original.

  3. I sure do hope they can figure it out now. We’ve all known for years that bi-partisanship means ceding everything to the wingnuts. It is impossible that our elected representatives didn’t know it as well. If after all this, they don’t go it alone, understanding that if it succeeds they will bury the repukes, then it will prove to me something I’ve been loathe to want to accept: that they are in corporate hands just as much as the repukes.

  4. Not too many Dems paid attention when Grover Norquist said, “bipartisanship is the equivalent of date rape.”
    The right wing was deadly serious about it, though. It meant–and still means–that they intend to have their way with Democrats.
    These sleazy bastards have been at it for nearly thirty years, and they’ve only gotten better with time and experience. They’re doing everything possible to make a sow’s ear out of a silk purse, and then they won’t vote for the legislation, anyway–so Dems own the piece of shit when it passes.
    They’re not shutting down government, because they learned from Gingrich’s little hissy fit. They’re enlisting every nutball in the public to do it for them.
    If Obama still thinks he can reach these people, he’s deluding himself. When it comes to money, corporations are the equivalent of the Sicilian mafia, and they own the people with whom Obama thinks he can negotiate.
    M’self, I think he’s way overdue for a epiphany or two.

  5. until fux gnews takes the whole lot of them off the cliff, and the other gnews think they are worthy. we will not have sanity.

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