When they come back against him, and they will

p>All Barney Frank is waiting for is for someone to condemn him for ridiculing this “real American,” a poor concerned citizen just trying to express her fears. I hope they do because then he gets to go on television and restate his point even louder: that it is, in fact, obscene, vile, not to mention idiotic, for low-information pissed-off culture warriors to compare a sitting US president on the opposite side of the political spectrum from them with a psychopath who murdered six million humans.

I do not care how angry you are, what life has handed you, how scared you are about what’s going on around you. When you do something shameful, you deserve to be shamed for it.

More like this, Democrats. If not this exact behavior, in this spirit. Like you are on the right side of history, like you aren’t ashamed to say so.

4 thoughts on “When they come back against him, and they will

  1. OMG, I just watched that clip.
    Barney Frank should be president. He’s the only one who consistently calls bullshit on the bullshit, and treats people who deserve no respect disrespectfully. He doesn’t worry about making friends with ignorant nutjobs and doesn’t stop to worry about every word that comes out of his mouth. He just speaks his mind, honestly, forcefully, and his way should be a blueprint for every spineless Dem in politics.

  2. Barney Frank damned well ought to get EVERY vote in his district.
    And that young woman needs to learn to think.

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