This World Is Full Of Dipshits

Here’s to you, fucktards.
This picture will never be overused, apparently.

Seriously,what the fucking fuck? Regarding A’s remarks about the comments to the article below. Fuck you people. Now, quite a few of the comments there expressed shock, sympathy, outrage, and, you know, humanity. But then you get the stinknuggets who blame a girl for, uh, being in the path of a bullet. How lovely. I’m so glad that these people have lived perfect lives, devoid of any tragedy, and that they can look down from their lofty perches to grace us unwashed masses with their omniscience.

In other words: Yeah, fuck ’em.

But there’s another story here–one of how I became aware of this poor child’s story in the first place. There was an e-mail circulated at my work this morning imploring us for donations to this girl’s recovery fund. You see, one of her relatives works for the same department I do. And, as I read this plea, I thought to myself: Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was some sort of system–you know, some sort of national system that would provide care to people like this girl. Care for people, so that their relatives wouldn’t have to go begging strangers for donations to pay for her recovery. Wouldn’t it be just heaven if there were some sort of, I don’t know, national health care system for this girl and her family?

Nah. Can’t have that. That would be socialcommienazilisticantiamericadocious.

3 thoughts on “This World Is Full Of Dipshits

  1. the stupid will always be with us. we can only hope to live in a renaissance/enlightment. we will always be doomed to be on the outside and rarely do we get to lead. but once in a blue moon the planet align.

  2. If deliberate bugfuck stupidity could be the only decline-worthy pre-existing condition for these efftards when switching to a national healthcare system – the rest of us would have NO long waits for appointments/treatment.

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