6 thoughts on “What we have lost:

  1. Such a loss. When you saw what this guy went through in his early life (the loss of JFK and RFK, the accident, the sense that he was the weakest of them all), you’d never imagine that he’d be the one with the greatest set of accomplishments or that he was the one who would have stared down the worst we all had to offer in this country and fought it off every time.

  2. I’m crying, at the passing of a man I never met, because suddenly, it feels like things are dark and there is no hope left.
    Who is out there with his stature, his strength, his commitment, his caring for people in this country who have no voice? This child of privilege who made it his life’s work to make things better for all children, this man of great heart and great talent who devoted it to the public.
    Having seen what they did to his brothers, I can’t begin to comprehend the courage he must have had to get up and fight like he did when he could have spent his time doing something else.
    He wasn’t just the lion of the Senate, he was it’s heart, and it’s been a soulless place without him there the last couple of months.

  3. Aw, hell.
    Here’s hoping that in his death he accomplishes something as great as he accomplished in life. Now’s your chance, Senators. Stand up and do what Teddy would want.
    I’m looking at you, Max. If you just live up to a tenth of what Ted Kennedy was, you’d be a good man.

  4. He fought for those who couldn’t fight for themselves, always. Well done, Teddy. Rest easy now.

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