Politics…same shit, different party

At HuffPo, Harry Shearer relates:

Near the end of the conference, I relate this tale to an
acquaintance wise — or at least schooled — in the ways of media and
politics. I say I might try one more time to reach out to Axelrod
himself. “Don’t bother with Rahm Emanuel or Axelrod,” he advised. Why?
“Their only interest in all of this is destroying Bobby” — a reference
to the state’s fast-talking Republican governor and possible 2012
Presidential candidate Bobby Jindal.

“You mean, the same way that the Bush crowd only cared about
destroying Kathleen Blanco?” I asked. His smile was part-rueful,
part-“It’s never too late to get wise, bud”.

2 thoughts on “Politics…same shit, different party

  1. Didn’t Jindal do a good job destroying himself on national TV with his lame-o Republican response speech? What a tiddlywink.

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