Something Much More Fun

Have you bought your ticket yet?

Seriously. And, since we’re talking about sports today, remember: The WFTDA Eastern Regional Tournament is next weekend! If you live in or near Madison, WI, come out and support the ass-kicking women on wheels of the Mad Rollin’ Dolls. You can buy tickets throughthis link. It’s a blast, people. And the Dolls aren’t just good at skating in circles and knocking people down. Oh, no. They do lots of good stuff for the community, too. From charitable donations to highway cleanup, they got it going on. So come on down to the tourney next weekend! You’ll be glad you did. You can see things like this:

A very happy, smiley Darling Nikki

Doris, Mustang, Ninja, Nikki, Mouse, Dolly, and Dutch cheer during an opposing team’s introduction.

Pre-bout cheering

Post-bout sweating and smiling

Go Ninja!

A happy, victorious Dairyland Dolls team. You gals rock!

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