6 thoughts on “Chick blogging

  1. Don’t tell Dick Cheney. He’ll think it’s one of the ones from the Lord of the Rings, and begin plotting to breed a race of super-eagles with which to wage war on Iran.

  2. “Let the eagles sooooooaaaaar, like she’s never soared before…
    From rocky coast to golden shore…let the mighty eagle soar!
    Soar with healing in her wings…as the land beneath her sings!”

  3. We are currently going through one of the greatest mass species extinctions this little rock has experienced – similar to the end of the dinosaur. Maybe stories like the Mother Jones cover linked below will punch through climate change deniers (and evolution deniers). I sometimes think the only solution is some terrible flu that will knock off about five billion folks, as there just seems to be too many of us for the earth to sustain.
    Towards the end of the article it discusses the impact on migration and biodiversity that a border wall with Mexico will have, and wonders why this is never part of the discussion. It would be an environmental tragedy to build the wall (on top of it being horribly expensive and ineffectual).
    Check this out:

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