Miss Beazley Appointed Commander Of NATO Forces In Afghanistan

According to Yahoo news, Miss Beazley is now leading NATO forces in Afghanistan.

US President George W. Bush discussed efforts to crush Taliban and Al-Qaeda fighters in Afghanistan with the new commander of NATO’s forces there, the White House said. Photo:/AFP


8 thoughts on “Miss Beazley Appointed Commander Of NATO Forces In Afghanistan

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  3. Cali4nian says:

    And I thought he was waiting until only Barney and Laura were behind his war. Barney for head of NSA next.

  4. donna says:

    I blame CANADA!!!!

  5. pansypoo says:

    she might have a plan.

  6. dan mcenroe says:

    what? was harriet meiers overqualified?

  7. thingwarbler says:

    Heck, that’d be progress. Maybe she can take over the State Department, too, so Condi can get back to stuff she knows about — like shoe shopping and Chopin.

  8. virgotex says:

    Coffee! Keyboard! And it’s a laptop for frack’s sake.
    (what’s with the Holden/Athenae posts? Are you really all just one person? )

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