11 thoughts on “America! Hell Yeah!

  1. I just discovered that encouraging people to push Obama in the liberal/left direction is considered “trolling”, very disappointing. We’re supposed to just shut up and enjoy replacing the old boss with the new boss.
    We can’t give Obama a honeymoon period. The pro-war, pro-corporate interests aren’t waiting, neither should we.

  2. Obama has a 10 week honeymoon. That should be sufficient. After that it is up to all of us to make our desires known to Congress and the President, by writing letters, emails, letters to the editors, blog comments, and phone calls. At least I think we picked a president this time who actually wants to know what we think.
    Congress is the place where almost all of the changes we asked for will take place. And, each of us has a Congressional representative who should be kept aware of just what we expect. If enough of us do this, those changes will happen. You couldn’t say that 6 months ago.

  3. Just for the record, the stats I am seeing are Obama 52%, McCain 46%. This doesn’t include Missouri. I guess the other 2% voted for Barr, Nader, etc. or didn’t vote for President. Not to interrupt the move towards reconciliation, but if someone tries to tell you Obama won by 4%, it’s really 6%.

  4. From 52 to 48:
    Dear 48/46ers: Go fuck yourselves. NOW. I’ve spent my entire voting life (since 1980) being told I hate America, am working to destroy it and I should be exiled at best, killed at worst. Well, FUCK YOU. We’re the majority, just STFU and be grateful we don’t live in a place like Rwanda.
    No love, 52

  5. I don’t reconcile with those who called people like me “traitor” and “un-american”. As far as I’m concerned, if they don’t want to get on board, we’ll work around them.

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