Blogger Ethics

They don’t credit their sources!

1. Not citing blogs is “company policy”. As Ginsberg wrote:You did a fantastic reporting job. All I had to do was follow your steps (and make a few extra phone calls).

2. Ginsberg writes …Although I would note that another Times policy would prevent them from actually printing the name of your blog…

I have erected a mirror site with a much less objectionable url
(www.thatgreenpointblog) for just this reason. Yet the plagiarism
persists. It has become all too clear that “offensive” blog urls are a
red herring.

3.Looking forward to “amplifying” more of your good work in the future.

So this somehow makes it “right”? Inasmuch as I riff on recent
journalism school graduates (which is what staffs many of the papers
here— as “independent contractors”— nowadays) I do not think they are
by and large dishonest. They need to eat and have a roof over their
head just like the rest of us— so they play along.

I do not blame them for doing what they have to do to earn a living;
I blame the institutions which employ them. As contractors, these
reporters are paid chump change for stories and thus have to churn out
a lot of material (usually for numerous publications) in order to make
ends meet. Given the workload they shoulder I am hardly surprised they
troll blogs for leads. What bothers me is the fact their employers are
profiting from their, my and many others hard work.

Via Romenesko.


4 thoughts on “Blogger Ethics

  1. what about looking for whatever the rite wing is upset about that minute? trolling hate radeeoh. obama’s student speech? LET’S MAKE THE MOLEHILL A MOUNTAIN!
    hey rite, GROW A PAIR!

  2. RE: they are stealing from me.
    I have been waiting for Rupert Murdoch to fire all of his “reporters” and hire Indians or Chinese to start producing “product” strictly from the blogs and television.
    It WILL come in my lifetime.
    Also, I want to see bloggers do a little bit more on the MSM. If they report from some “MSM,” I want a note saying that this corporation is owned by whomever. The fastest way to get a message about “liberal” media across is to always say that the owner of this media is a right wing supporter of Ron Paul’s program. My favorite is “this war coverage of the positive things done in Iraq by american troops is brought to you by General Electric Corporation who had 80 billion dollars in war contracts last year.”
    Or when commenting on ANY politician noting who his/her biggest “contributor/bribers.” Such as Blanche Lincoln, D-AR and 2nd largest receiver of contributions from the insurance industry when reporting a goddamn thing that this shill says.
    There are NO “news” sources owned by liberals that have over 25000 readers or viewers.

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