If They’re Gonna Screw You Over Anyway

Shouldn’t it be for something that matters, and not for some bullshit half-a-loaf piece of crap bill that won’t do a third of what we need doing in this country?

I mean, I’m just saying, even if you take the tack that this is some kind of incremental approach, we all have a limited amount of time on this planet. We do not have time to listen to the YOU LIE Party anyway, but we flap around pretending to do it so maybe they’ll vote for our thing? What fourth grader couldn’t tell you they were never gonna vote for it no matter how many concessions it included? Baucus could have put forth whatever halfass Sudoku puzzle the Republicans were waving around during Obama’s speech the other night, and the wingnuts would still oppose it for no other reason than that they want Democrats to suffer. This is how it works.

So knowing that, why not put together a good bill, a necessary bill, and actually solve the problem needs solving? If this is gonna be the hill you die on anyway, make it worth the fighting for.


8 thoughts on “If They’re Gonna Screw You Over Anyway

  1. Can I get an amen?
    I was cynical going into this – politics is my passion, but I’ve been disillusioned about it for years, cuz I live in the real world and I know how it works.
    I feel sorry for all the young people, the never-before-been engaged people who were inspired by Obama’s candidacy and got involved, only to find what they thought they were fighting for to be a chimera, and what they wanted sacrificed on the alter of “bi-partisanship” that was never gonna happen anyway and is simply a CYA for the party that promised change being in the pockets of big business. It hurts to believe and then have your hopes and your passion dashed and kicked aside. Obama specifically, and democrats in general, had a wonderful opportunity here to leverage some popular support into something good, and cement their dominance for a generation, and they are going to waste it. In the process, they’re going to disillusion all those people who thought that just this once, maybe this time, they really did matter and make a difference.
    What a waste.

  2. Why, oh why, is anyone listening to the party that screwed the pooch so badly that they made it possible for a black man with the middle name of Hussein to beat a genuine war hero like a rented mule?
    Honest to God, how can anyone, especially after this summer, take the GOP seriously.

  3. I was thinking about posting about it but all I’ve got is basically the same as anyone else: WTF?
    I mean really. As leinie points out, one would THINK they would want to win big, secure a second term. Instead, I’m guessing after they pass the “half ass piece of crap” (HAPOC), they’ll turn around and try to paint a ribbon on it and call it a huge victory. And some of the press and the public will diligently agree

  4. It’ll be victory until people have a year or two of experience with this craptacular “reform.” Then they’ll hate the Dems and run away in droves. I just can’t understand why if not for the good reasons so many of us have put forward, they at least don’t do a good bill for self preservation.

  5. The Dems have been lusting after K street goodies for years. They literally cannot give up on the idea of scoring some corporate bennies. They thought they’d have a year or two before they’d actually have to do anything for the voters, but the economy crashing has blown their schedule.

  6. If Obama had really wanted some powerful reforms, he needed to start with campaign reform. All else would follow.
    However, as long as the Blue Dog/DLC element in the party holds sway, there’s little hope of that.
    Frankly, we’ve been overdue for a Constitutional Convention, and its first agenda item should be a legal redefinition of the corporation as an artificial person under law, and as such is not entitled to the rights of natural persons.
    When even the ACLU is defending corporations’ right to free speech, you know the situation is beyond serious…

  7. Problem: Many people don’t have adequate health care because they can’t afford insurance that costs more than what they earn.
    Solution: Force them to buy insurance anyway or pay a fine and get nothing.
    That was so simple I can’t believe I never thought of it myself.

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