Dancin’ With The Bug Man

I have a dose of the non-swine flu, which seems to make me feel evil or something like that; at least I’m not oinking or getting calls from a teevee news doc. In short, I’m cranky and have felt like spreading some pain around the internets ever since I saw this clip atTPM first thing this morning. Damn you, David Kurtz, you’ve led me to the heart of darkness that isDancing With The [B-List] Stars:

7 thoughts on “Dancin’ With The Bug Man

  1. Nooooo! My eyes, my eyes!
    Adrastos, redefining the term “computer bug”. Nu, Athenae, it wasn’t enough to be killing journalism?

  2. Damn, Adrastos, and I was just starting to recover from my bout with the non-swine flu. Jeebus.

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