Not That You Didn’t Know This

But GOD, Red State is run by morons.

The animal shelter where I volunteer and where we got our three beasties had a similar sign for YEARS: We receive no state, federal or municipal dollars. The point of that sign isn’t to say “Look how awesome we volunteers are with our gritty self-reliance,” it’s to say “so pony up if you can, because we are SCREWED OVER HERE.” It’s to encourage private donations. That’s the only reason you communicate something like that.

It really is remarkable the number of people who think saying, “Can’t you just get a grant? Can’t the city give you some money?” completely absolves them of the nagging feeling they have that they should be doing something to help. People really do think somebody else takes care of stuff like this, local history and homeless people and animals. Surely there’s a large fund of some kind, out of which we pay for this stuff so we don’t have to think about it, right? Well, there might be, if you fuckers would quit voting down every three-dollar-a-year tax increase because of your admiration of Paul Revere or some shit. As it is, that sign might as well say “thanks, Republicans, for pointing out that taxes are theft. Thanks a bunch. Really. You’ve been a huge help.”

You put up a sign like that to say “we are doing this all by ourselves, so please give us a hand.” You know, handouts. Contributions. Pitching in.

All those things conservatives love to hate.



7 thoughts on “Not That You Didn’t Know This

  1. Erik Erickson: actually getting crazier by the day. Today he twittered something like “my red hair and pale skin are my passport.”
    The fact that he’s married to Monica Goodling cracks me up, at least now that Bush is out of office.

  2. Today he twittered something like “my red hair and pale skin are my passport.”
    Irish need not apply.
    “I’ve heard he is part of the IRA. Time for a cavity search”
    I know that it pleases them when they upset us, (since they say how much it pleases them) but when they were mocking Nancy Pelosi’s concerns about violence the other day AS IF THEY WERE WHAT SHE WAS TALKING ABOUT. I just about lost it.
    Their willful ignorance and selfish crap that is rewarded by the rich makes me want to vomit.

  3. Proofreading should be:
    Red State is run by Morans. 😉
    You’ve hit on my big discontent with running programs by voluntary contribution.
    If social programs were entirely voluntary, some people would give their fair share while others would be very content giving only a token contribution.
    If there isn’t a system of divying up the contributions, some high publicity agencies would receive the lion’s share while other worthy causes would receive none (hence the idea of United Way appeals).
    If I give my money to a panhandler, I don’t have a study but I figure that the odds of my being taken are 75% while if I give through an agency that checks things out (like St. Vincent de Paul societies), I’m down to 33% chance of being taken.

  4. Second incident in under a year: woman approaches me as I’m heading to the car, asking for money for food for the toddler in her arms. Sure, I say, I’ll walk you back in the store and we’ll get you some groceries … and she takes the hell off, after trying to fake me out on what she’s driving.
    First incident was during a cold snap, bedraggled-looking couple ask for five bucks for gas. I pull the gas can out of the bed of the truck and reach for the pump and ask how far is it to the car, so I can drop ’em off, and which way so I can get out of the parking lot without getting in a wreck, and they take the hell off.
    About a year and three, four months ago, this woman comes up and asks me for money for gas. Tells me a very detailed story about a borrowed car that’s run out of gas. I tell her come on, I’ll buy you some gas. She gets in the truck with me, we go where she points (it’s one of those neighborhoods that make the hair on the back of your neck stand up after dark) and sure enough, dead car. So I give her a little push, she coasts down the block to the gas station, I buy her half a tank (it’s a frackin’ 1980-something Lincoln, and this is in the days of $3.79 a gallon cheap gas), and she’s got the shakes, so I buy her a sandwich and a soda and a bag of chips, and we both leave happy.
    What is it about giving people what they say they want, instead of cash — which btw I never carry ’cause the damn stuff’s dangerous to have on you — that makes ’em run away?

  5. What is it about giving people what they say they want, instead of cash … that makes ’em run away?
    It’s pretty simple. You can’t trade gas or groceries for cigarettes, booze, drugs, or junk food. There are basically three reasons I don’t give cash to panhandlers. The first is, I used to be so broke I was “at no fixed address,” and scrounging, begging, borrowing, and scraping to get by, and Inever panhandled, so I have little sympathy there.
    The second is that if youdo offer them (or give them) what they want, they’ll either take off or give you an insincere thank you and then obviously act like “The assholes I have to put up with in this job!”, which basically means that they want cigarettes, booze, drugs, or junk food and are too dishonest to fucking tell you so (note to panhandlers — if you really need a fix or a drink, tell me and I’ll help you out; I’ve been around junkies before and I knowexactly how bad it is), and I don’t reward lying.
    Third reason is that half the panhandlers around here are obnoxious suburban kids with expensive shoes who’ve burnt through their doubtless ample allowances and/or chore money for the week and willtell you they want bus fare, but are probably actually trying to get up enough money that they can convince some asshole to buy them cigarettes they’re not old enough to buy for themselves, and shouldn’t be smoking anyway, although after hearing “smoking gives you cancer and emphysema and all sorts of nasty things” all their lives, there’s no goddamn help for them anyway. (I’m actually less of a hardass about junk than cigarettes, on the grounds that there’s no such thing as second-hand junk.) Iespecially never give money to people whose shoes are more expensive than mine, and I wear expensive shoes.
    With the social safety net around here as comprehensive as it is, and social workers practically touting on the sidewalks looking for people to help, pretty much everyone in this burg who’s panhandling is on the take somehow. YMMV by jurisdiction, of course…

  6. Last January I gave $5 to a guy at an intersection who had a “no work need food” type sign. It was sleeting and vicious out there. I figured if he was willing to stand out there in that godawful Wisconsin weather for whatever reason I could spare a few bucks.
    Other than that, I usually don’t have enough money to hand it to everyone who tells me they need it.
    And I notice that it didn’t occur to Red State to encourage donations to that pathetic little museum. That would be un-American somehow, I suppose. The kinds of blogs I read have a bigger heart and a better readership than that, don’t they?

  7. I think modern conservatism is literally a mental illness, a combination of paranoid schizophrenia combined with antisocial narcissism.

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