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I’m not the type who can’t stop touching a toothache, but I had to read thisthreepart Salonseries on self-described rodeo clown Glenn Beck. It’s a much better read thanTime magazine’s recent tongue bath…

On a personal note, way back in the day I had a couple of small jobs in small market radio, but still met a number of Beck wannabees…and wouldn’t give a nickel for the lot of them.

3 thoughts on “ÜberCreep

  1. He comes off like a massively immature kid who just never had anyone tell him to stop being such a choad all the time. Instead they were handing him whiskey and firecrackers and the keys to a Ferrari. If all anyone did was reward your bad behavior, who would you be?
    I’m not being sympathetic, I think he’s a monster, but somewhere along the line here somebody must have had the chance to stop this and didn’t take it.

  2. God, thanks for that (I think…). I just read the entire, morbid story about Glenn Beck, and it doesn’t surprise me to learn that he was an asshole.
    Albeit a major league, colossal asshole.

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