Maybe you should just set those tax dollars on fire, Senator Hatch

Not content with afull morning of carnage, the Senate Finance Committee apparently had a bit of time on its hands after throwing the Public Option under the bus Tuesday. So they stayed late and passed a measure by Orrin Fucking Hatch to restore funding for abstinence fucking only education. How much money? How much of our tax dollars do 12 committee members want to spend on something thatEVEN TEXAS finally admits doesn’t work?

Fifty million.


Yeah, vote down substantive change that would help tens of thousands of people get comprehensive health care but by all fucking means, let’s approve spending $50,000,000 a year on a crap notion that is not just completely divorced from reality but also contributes tohigher rates of teen pregnancy and STDs.

Not that it redeems him any, but Max Baucus was against the idea.

An alternate measure offered by Baucus also passed. Baucus’ measure,
which passed 14-9, would make money available for education on
contraception and sexually transmitted diseases, among other things, in
addition to abstinence. Lawmakers will have to reconcile the two
measures, both approved during debate on a sweeping health overhaul
bill, as the legislation moves forward.

These people make me sick.

6 thoughts on “Maybe you should just set those tax dollars on fire, Senator Hatch

  1. Better yet, give those tax dollars to teenagers who can spend them on sex toys and beer.

  2. yup, me too. Amazing that, given our “stellar” BOE’s obsession with all things godly.
    But Utah and Oklahomah will always take the lead over us. We’re a nice shade of purple, those two are almost all red.

  3. Yeah I get that pansypoo-it’s the mindset I hate. There are millions of Americans these people simply do not give a rat’s ass about.

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