Oh, and Speaking of Black Children Reading

Hell Yeah, Dwyane Wade:

Food and spirits flowed freely in the foyer of the W Hotel, as
pretty young women floated through the crowd, offering margarita shots,
and tuxedo-clad waiters served chilled shrimp and tidy canapes.

As most of you know, the NBA All-Star grew up in Robbins, an
impoverished south suburb that has kept itself going through a mix of
tenacity and pride.

Wade was in Chicago for “Wade’s World Weekend,” which includes several events to benefit his foundation.

While in town, Wade came to the rescue of Robbin’s lone library.

The library had run out of money to pay its staff and was on the
brink of shutting its doors when Wade stepped up with a healthy chunk
of change — $25,000.

“Robbins is a small neighborhood, and without a library there would be fewer opportunities,” Wade said.

Hell no, newspaper commenters:

Naperville North is different than Dunbar because
the 2 PARENT WHITE FAMILIES actually care about education, about a
family, about values, etc. Getting pregant at 16 and raising gang
bangers is not high on their priority list. Ever wonder why blacks are
7x more likely to commit a crime than ANY other race? Not my

I could go on slick but I’ll just leave you with one message. Black, angry and ignorant is no way to go through life.


There’s just no story so awesome people can’t make it HERE’S WHY I HATE YOU.



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