4 thoughts on “Kissing Jessica Stein

  1. I was thinking about this movie before I went to services on Monday. It starts off with quite the bang when her mother is bugging her about her prospects for dating and marriage in the middle of a Yom Kippur service and she retaliates with “Not now, Ma, I’m ATONING” right in the middle of a lull in the liturgy. Ooops.

  2. My favorite part is when her brother’s asking her if she’s found the “one right person” for her and she says, “I don’t think there’s one right person. I think there’s like seven.” LOVE.
    Also: “What do you do to be happy?” “Nothing. I’m not.”

  3. The Jewish grandmas are typical in there, too. The only modern concession they make is that Jessica has a girlfriend, but by God, they still want grandchildren, so they chat up the possibilities of artificial insemination. That whole movie is such a hoot.

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