Fujita/Zirin Redux

Dave Zirin has posted more ofhis conversation with Saints Linebacker, Scott Fujita about the latter’s support of the upcoming National Equality March For Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered rights in Washington City as the founders called it. Here’s the money quote wherein Scott turns the term homophobia on its head:

“You know people do call it homophobia, and even that term alone is interesting to me. Because I don’t even know how they call it homophobia, because that’s a fear of the same. It’s more heterophobia. It’s a fear of something different from yourself.”

Scott Fujita: UC Berkeley graduate and a football player who plays with his helmet on.

6 thoughts on “Fujita/Zirin Redux

  1. I was a huge Scott Fujita fan when he was with the Chiefs and was more than a bit heart-broken when he departed. But now that I’m moving to Louisiana, I’m looking forward to watching Scott play in the “Dome”. If more athletes would voice their support in the rational tones of Scott, the number of fans supporting equal rights for everyone would overwhelm those who want to control other people.

  2. I’m a Saints fangirl, but I’ve never bothered to purchase any official merchandise. Until today that is. Immediately subsequent to reading Zirin’s conversation with Fujita, I went straight to the Saints website and ordered a #55 jersey.
    I’m really, really proud of Scott, and I want to show my support for him. He’s taking a risk by going on the record on this issue…especially in this market. All of us proud, inclusive Saints fans need to get behind him to help minimize any blowback he may experience from voicing his opinion on gay rights.
    I wanna see a sea of #55 jerseys in the dome at the Saints/Giants game next week! Geaux Saints! Geaux Fujita!!!
    Saints Fangirrrl

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