Happy (awesome) FLOTUS photo

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I mean, c’mon, did you ever think we’d have a First Lady this cool? Today Mrs. Obama took part in an event to encourage kids to exercise. Of course, the haters will jump on her soon enough for being deeply un-serious or advocating forced marches for children or something. (viaGawker)

5 thoughts on “Happy (awesome) FLOTUS photo

  1. As I was never able to do the hoop around the waist, I do have to consider the picture rather evil to my self esteem. 🙁
    But beyond that, how many first ladies were so secure as to who they are (were) that they would be willing to do this before a camera?

  2. Half the women and all the men in America wish they were a hula hoop right now.

  3. I haven’t been able to spin a hula hoop successfully since I started bellydancing (it was learning to isolate muscle groups that did me in…LOL).
    On the ‘haters’ bit, they’ve already started. I was listening to the news on the way to the bar tonight and they were talking about Mrs. Obama and the nutritional enthusiasm she was trying to instill in the kids and how the Adminstration is going to take serious steps to improve the quality/nutrition of public school food. Also to improve the food outside of the cafeteria in the snack bars and vending machines. And then they launched a clip of the Coca Cola president attacking the President for trying to tell the country what to eat. Um, well, if it’s IMPROVING the NUTRITIONAL VALUE of FOOD the US GOV’T (that’d be the rest of us taxpayers you effing MOOK) provides, I’m ALL FOR IT!!! And since when is this a NEW EVIL???? Um, I guess Mr. Cola Megabux, Esq. has NEVER heard of the Food Pyramid? Ever??? Gads, I guess Bubbly McHighFructoseCornSyrup soda boy is afraid of food that tastes good/better so that one doesn’t have to have carbonated sugar to wash it down with.
    I’m so frakkin’ annoyed with the “Leaders of Industry” getting pissy over every little thing the Obamas do as if it is the death knell of the country when it’s things like organic gardening, better food quality, showing affection for each other, trying to get better healthcare for us… But I don’t remember the “L of I” freaking out over illegal war, ignored warnings of impending attacks…oh, wait they prob get a choice cut of a military contract to provide their crap. Eff THEM!

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