9 thoughts on “About Yesterday’s Most Important Story

  1. Adrastos, I can see the argument that a golfing, sporting atmosphere could exclude some women. Policy does get made on the course and the court and in areas which are traditionally male even in a time of powerful women.
    But I know more women than men who are sports freaks, so I don’t buy that playing basketball is a de facto fuck you to the chicks. It may be that that’s just what he likes to do, not that you get to just like stuff when you’re the president. What kind of mustard you use on your sandwich is a deeply serious matter.

  2. I can see it now. Pres Obama spotted at 1601 Pennsylvania Ave without Mrs. Obama in attendance. Obviously, there is something going on.

  3. This stupid story is going to lead to the appointment of Undersecretary of Commerce Lisa Leslie.

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