I Still Call Him Holy Joe…

…but it’s hard to argue with Paul Begala who is the latest to call him Traitor Joe:blockquote>

It’s journalistic shorthand to note a politician’s party identification
and state after his or her name. For example: Jane Doe (D-NY). And so
Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman is identified as (I-CT). But the “I”
does not stand for “Independent.” It stands for “Insurance Industry.”

Lieberman says he will join a Republican filibuster against President
Obama’s health-insurance reforms. You could see this coming from a mile
away—actually from 15 years away.

In 1993 and 94, Lieberman consistently opposed President Clinton’s
reform bill—which did not have a public option. In case you’re keeping
score at home, Lieberman will filibuster the Obama plan, which has a
public option, and he opposed the Clinton reform plan, which did not.
Anything that protects consumers, it seems, is a bridge too far for
Sen. Lieberman…

Actually, Holy Joe ran on the Connecticutt for Lieberman line, which sums up how he sees the universe: it’s Joe-centric. He makes your average Senator look modest and self-effacing. Joe is the prima donna’s prima donna. The big question is: what does he want? The same question applies to the Evan Bayhs and Blanche Lincolns of the world. What do they want and is the price too high?

Questions are all I’ve got this morning. The only answer that sounds good right now is: Reconciliation. I’m, of course, talking about the Senate procedural move, not making up with Lieberman. Been there, done that.

UPDATE:Josh Marshall just posted about Holy Joe’s shifting reasons for opposing the public option. It’s a head-on collision between sophistry and douchebaggery.

5 thoughts on “I Still Call Him Holy Joe…

  1. Senate Dems (and Obama) have no leverage over Lieberman. He can just retire in 2012 and get a million dollar plus lobbying job. It’s like having leverage over a baseball manager you want to fire. You can fire them for sucking too late in the season but your season is ruined. It’s too late in the season for Dems to be thinking about how kicking Lieberman in the ass will help. It would have helped in 2006 or 2008 but not now. If Lieberman gets kicked out of his chair now, so what? He’s a Fox News martyr and gets to stay in the Imus spotlight forever. That’s a carrot for this asshole, not a stick.
    The only good option left is reconciliation and 50+1 which, really, looked like the only good option at the start.

  2. You’re right joejoejoe. Senators are all free agents and even strong majority leaders like LBJ and George Mitchell could only use so much stick.

  3. If there were any truth in advertising in politics, Holy Joe would have to come to work in a see-through blouse, red miniskirt, fishnet stockings and come-fuck-me stiletto heels.
    I think Harry Reid and Co. have forgotten that he did pretty much the same thing in `94. Time for them to not just play hardball with this little punk, but start throwing beanballs. Strip him of all his committee seatsand pitch him out of the caucus. At least, that way, they’ll know where the slippery little shit is.
    Joe knows that would be the end of his career–he could kiss reelection in 2012 goodbye. Yeah, he can walk over to K Street and start lobbying for big money, but, it’s an unwritten rule that lobbyists have to stay out of the limelight, and Joementum just can’t do that. Of all his many, many unpleasant tendencies, his vanity has to be greatest of all.

  4. What does Blanche Lincoln Want?
    She wants to preserve the lobbying job for Arkansas Blue Cross that awaits her when she is defeated in Arkansas, hopefully next year. The Arkansas Democratic bench is deep and someone credible will run against her in the primary.

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