No matter how many damn Democrats we elect, it seems there’s a neverending supply of them willing to deplore the incivility of their own colleagues just to get their names in the paper:

The Politico
reports that some of Grayson’s House Democratic colleagues are creating
some distance from him in light of this. House Majority Leader Steny
Hoyer (D-MD) called the comment “inappropriate and unfair” to
Robertson. Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) was more blunt: “Is this news to
you that this guy’s one fry short of a Happy Meal?”

ZOMG HE CALLED A WOMAN A WHORE! I called Joe Lieberman a whore last week, a truck-stop whore in fact, so I’m nobody to talk, but do we really need to slap Grayson around publicly, Democrats? The Republicans have no problem clutching their pearls on this one:

NRCC spokesman Andy Seré released this statement: “Alan Grayson is a
vile and vulgar man whose behavior brings shame to Central Florida on a
near-daily basis …”

Vile and vulgar! A lot of alliteration! Good gravy!

So they’re doing a fine job of kicking him in the face, and as usual he’s not backing down, and the only possible reason for Weiner and Hoyer to get involved on top of that is to get someone to mention their names. Talk about whores.


9 thoughts on “Wankers

  1. Agreed. Other Dems need to STFU. I was stunned Wiener criticized him. As often as Weiner’s on tv, he needs to be careful who he’s calling a whore. And I like Weiner, usually.
    And no, Grayson should not apologize. He could leave the over the top stuff to radio hosts and bloggers, like the “Cheney has blood dripping from his teeth” stuff. On policy, let it rip.

  2. When I first read his comment, I didn’t realize the lobbyist was a woman – and I didn’t care, I want to go give Grayson a high-five for standing up to them and calling them what they are.

  3. I’m guessing they don’t want to hear what the rest of the public is saying about Corporations, lobbyists, K Street and Congressmen/women. lol
    K Street is THE red light district of both the House and Senate. lol

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