Today on Tommy T’s obsession with the Freeperati – more Orly love

p>Good morning, everyone! Kibitzer had a small leak in his iso suit last week, and hallucinated that he was Digby for days after we exited, so let’s check each other’s suits carefully before entering the place where no logic can survive.

Everybody ready? Great! When we left the useful idiots, they were upset about Orly Tait’s motion being thrown out. Then, this:


Judge Land’s hard on Orly Taitz, Esq. It’ll cost her $20,000

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution ^

| 10/13/2009
| Jay Bookman

Posted onTuesday, October 13, 2009 12:39:05 PM byGoldStandard

U.S. District Court Judge Clay Land, in Columbus, has come down hard
on birther attorney Orly Taitz, fining her $20,000 for willfully
abusing her right to practice law. I suspect Taitz won’t have that
right much longer.

“The Court finds that counsel’s conduct was
willful and not merely negligent. It demonstrates bad faith on her
part. As an attorney, she is deemed to have known better. She owed a
duty to follow the rules and to respect the Court. Counsel’s pattern of
conduct conclusively establishes that she did not mistakenly violate a
provision of law. She knowingly violated Rule 11. Her response to the
Court’s show cause order is breathtaking in its arrogance and borders
on delusional.”

“Delusional”? You’re saying that like it’s abad thing.

Go get em, Freepers!

To: GoldStandard

How dare a citizen or soldier ask for proof. The judiciary is totally corrupt like the legislative and executive branch.

posted onTuesday, October 13, 2009 12:42:49 PM
(Do we want ACORN running America’s health care?)

How dare a citizen or soldier ask for a question mark at the end of an interrogative?


“borders on delusional” Does everything have
to be overstated nowadays.

You know, it must be something in the water over there. That, or home schooling.

If it is delusional, tell us Judge, if not
then keep your yapper shut. Seems like teenagers have taken over every
aspect of the American life.

And those teenage Judges are the worst of all!

It’s funny, when I was a teen in the early
‘90’s there seemed to be adults in control.

Yeah, I know. You had to walk to school in the snow. Uphill. Both ways.

Now it seems as if everyone
has arrested development these days.

posted onTuesday, October 13, 2009 12:45:30 PM

div class=”a2″>p>To: GoldStandard

I can recall some time ago being excoriated on these
threads for recommending that conservatives distance themselves from
this woman who was clearly unstable and bent on making everyone
associated with her look as ridiculous as she is.

Whatever, like an outbreak of herpes another eruption occurred, I
noticed the support for Dr. Orly Taitz to be less and less vehement.
Hopefully those of us who believe that the issue should be investigated
and properly aired, will not be blackened as “trolls” because we tell
the truth about this eccentric woman.

posted onTuesday, October 13, 2009 12:48:35 PM
(“Attack, repeat, attack!” Bull Halsey)

Well, I guess even a nutcase neo-Confederalist finds an occasional acorn.

To: GoldStandard

I’ll wait and see how this plays out. It is
written like a personal attack and the judge does have a conflicts(sic) of
interest. Of all the frivolous law suits I have heard of over the years
I have never seen a judge take this kind of action. Sometimes it(sic)
darkest just before the dawn.

posted onTuesday, October 13, 2009 12:59:03 PM
(The only thing broken in this country is the government.. .)

div class=”a2″>p>To: mnehring

>>> Yes, but the question is will an appeals court take it?

She absolutely MUST fight this tooth and nail.
It IS intimidation.

Judges cannot decide what cases are frivolous without considering the evidence.

posted onTuesday, October 13, 2009 1:04:38 PM

div class=”a2″>p>To: Safrguns

Judges cannot decide what cases are frivolous without considering the evidence.

Orly’s “evidence” consists of freeped internet polls and a “Kenyan”
birth certificate she got from a guy selling them on eBay.

posted onTuesday, October 13, 2009 2:04:12 PM



To: Wally_Kalbacken

What’s really unfortunate is that Taitz has
tainted any legitimate case that may have been made. Anybody who tries
to take up the cause now will be laughed out of town. The “birthers”
were considered kooks; now they will be considered lunatics and fools.

posted onTuesday, October 13, 2009 2:49:47 PM
(Teddy (“The Hiccup”) Kennedy – the original water-boarder)

div class=”a2″>p>To: bustinchops

Perhaps Orly can appeal the order for sanctions.

Since she didn’t go to a real law school, she could argue that she’s
not a real lawyer and, therefore, not subject to the rules governing
the conduct of lawyers.

posted onTuesday, October 13, 2009 2:51:53 PM
byMr. Lucky


Ok – this next one’s going up for “post of the month”.

To: OldNavyVet

We may no for sure with the next 10 days
whether Jodge & Marine David Carter is for the truth or for more
brave American troops dying for the King of Saudi Arabia’s amusement.

You know intel is being leaked by the moles in the white hut who are
Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood back to Al Qeada and the Taliban to kill
our soldiers.

posted onTuesday, October 13, 2009 3:05:06 PM
(Do we want ACORN running America’s health care?)

Well, I can’t add much to that.(Yes, they really do talk like that.)

To: browardchad

They have no shame.They’re embarrassing FR.

posted onTuesday, October 13, 2009 3:48:30 PM
(Integrity, Character, Leadership, and Loyalty matter – Be an example, no matter the cost.)

“You’re a disgrace to our family name of Wagstaff, if such a thing is possible”

To: Canadian Outrage
If a Judge states such statements as that HE should be removed. For Cripes sake, where is the REAL decorum. A LIEberal for sure.

Judge Land is a Republican who served in the State Senate for 5 years
and in the assembly before that. He was appointed by President George
H. W. Bush.

posted onTuesday, October 13, 2009 10:56:21 PM
bysometime lurker

The Freeper Truthers keep forgetting that.

To: Leonard210

I am puzzled.
She has legitimate claims, questions, and evidence.
She wants the court to investigate and decide if Obama is Constitutionally qualified to be President.
Rather than focus on the fact, that he is hiding from disclosing his
birth certificate, in fact, all of his documents that would exonerate
Yet, you openly chastise the only person working towards those ends.
In effect, your attempting to kill the messenger,
while the Message has little interest to you.
How Sad.
How sad that your only interested in attacking this woman, and not so
interested is asking Obama exactly why he won’t show proof that he is
Qualified to Be the President of the United States.

Pathetic really…

posted onWednesday, October 14, 2009 12:51:49 AM


More Birther Blues after the ol’ jump, so –Allez!