Throwing in Their Lot With the Loonies

Well, you own it now, bitches. Try disavowing it later.

And you know, I’d like every cowardly Democrat who refused to show up for an anti-war rally in the past nine years to check this shit out. Just look at that. The dirty fucking hippies couldn’t get you to stand up against GETTING LOTS OF PEOPLE UNPROVOKEDLY DEAD because someone on cable news might think it’s weird if someone else at the rally says something about Cuba or Palestine. The GOP, on the other hand, marshals all its forces for a bunch of shut-ins who think Obama was born in Kenya, and damn to hell what Chris Matthews might say.


6 thoughts on “Throwing in Their Lot With the Loonies

  1. Our new president needs to take note of this. It isn’t like he is getting adoration from Repubs for his passivity. Time to shift gears, assuming he has other gears.

  2. They are not only close to the edge, they are down by the water.[/reallyfuckingbadYesjoke]

  3. Really, so what? Democrats aren’t actually better.
    You can vote for a party of crazy lunatics who believe that we are facing an impending invasion from some horde or another of menacing brown people.
    Or you can vote for a party of corrupt scoundrels who think Goldman Sachs deserves to be vaccinated before everyone else and that the economy is going just great so long as the afore mentioned company can give out billions in bonuses.
    We’re damned either way. Pretending otherwise is just a joke. Both groups are supported by mindless automatons that only really care if there side wins, and not what they actually do. I, too, would like to pretend Democrats are better. But they are not. If anything, they are more dangerous because when they are in power half the left stops fighting and joins the party.

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