Carl Hiaasen Goes Rogue

Carl Hiaasen
is one of the funniest writers the US and A has ever produced. He’s
best known for his hilarious crime fiction novels. My favorite isSkin Tightwherein the heavy has a weedwacker for an arm prosthesis. I am not making that up, Carl did.

Carl still writes a weekly column for the Miami Herald.This
week’s entry is vintage Hiaasen. He poses as Sarah Palin’s book editor
and gives her notes for her memoirs or whatever the hell it’s supposed
to be.
My favorite one is music related:

Eric Clapton spells his last name with a C.

More significantly, his publicists tell us that you were not the inspiration forLayla, and that he doesn’t recall ever having an affair with you.

Is it possible you’ve got him confused with another rock star?

I bet y’all were expecting me to post a version ofLayla at this point. Wrong. Hiaasen was a close friend of the late, great Warren Zevon and the two even wrote some songs together. I wasn’t able to find any clips of Warren doing one of their tunes but here’s something almost as good: an audience video of David Lindley playing Seminole Bingo:

Yeah, I know, some douchebag is singing along during part of it and there’s Zevonus interruptus at the end butI work for free so what can you expect?

8 thoughts on “Carl Hiaasen Goes Rogue

  1. I LOVE Carl Hiaasen’s columns. I especially love the compilation called “Kick Ass”, and his recent “The Downhill Lie”, about his experiences trying to improve as a golfer, is also a hoot. The man is one of the best things to come out of Florida ever.

  2. My favorite is Skin Tight wherein the heavy has a weedwacker for an arm prosthesis.
    Not to mention the fate of the Geraldo Rivera-like character!

  3. My favorite is Stormy Weather which I read, coincidentally, as Hurricane Fran roared around our house.
    The scene with the coati mundi and the mother-in-law makes me laugh out loud. Not to mention the ambitious girl who goes to Palm Beach in order to fuck a Kennedy.
    Thanks for this.

  4. I love Hiaasen. I love skin tight, and the weedwacker is wonderful, but I also love the one about the Blue Tongued Voles, which is his send up of Walt Disney and theme parks. What I love most about Hiaasen is that he makes the crazy things his villains do absolutely make sense, while they are doing them. The weedwacker is a case in point.

  5. I dunno; the guy in Double Whammy who names and converses with the severed dog’s head that’s still clamped on to his gangrenous arm is pretty special, too.

  6. I agree with all the above additions. I love all of Carl’s books but Skin Tight was the first one I read. It was love at first, uh, whack…

  7. I keep waiting for the next mystery. Skink is one of the most inspired characters ever.

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