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The Balloon Boy’s parents have pleaded guilty to charges
associated with the hoax.
The only question left is if this kid will ever get
past being known as Balloon Boy. I’m seeing this kid in a decade, hitting on
some girl at bar or something. He takes her back to his place, they start going
at it and all of a sudden, she goes, “Wait a minute! You’re Balloon Boy! No
wonder you popped so early…”

– Note to Jon Meacham: The new Newsweek sucks. Its Web site
sucks. Its approach to journalism sucks.Cutting 12 positions isn’t going to
improve anything.

– OK, here’s a first: A lawyer upset because someone was
being mean to her. Here’s something that’s way too common:Lawyer grabs a
rocket launcher to go after a fly.

– People think it wasn’t a keen idea tobring Jayson Blair
in for an ethics discussion
. Really? Ya think?

I got nothing on this one.

– From the “So, how’s that working out for you?” file:
Anthony Kennedy, one of the SCOTUS’s staunchest defenders of the First
Amendment, apparently asked some student journalists to “clean up” the comments
he gave during a speech at their high school. His PR flack said he doesn’t have
a policy of doing this, but was likely made by a staff member in an effort to
be helpful. So in other words, he’s normally good with the First Amendment,
except when he can have a staffer poke at a bunch of high school kids to make
him look better? Yeah…

– And finally, from the “your IQ must be at least two digits to
conduct satire
” department: A satirical newspaper at Reed College is under fire
for publishing an article talking about a new U.S.-based Holocaust. The
students said it was supposed to be a spoof on Holocaust deniers, but some
people didn’t get the joke.How
hard is it for people to figure out that some things aren’t funny? I remember
George Carlin trying to disprove this point once by doing a set onhow rape can
be funny
. The whole set was awkward, painful and not funny. And this guy was a

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