Friday Ferretblogging


Bucky: Hellooooooo there!


Riot: I’m certainly not on the table. And I’m definitely not curling up in your scarf. No. That’s another ferret. Who looks like me, and is doing what I’m doing. Another ferret. Yeah.


5 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging

  1. watertiger says:


  2. VictoriaB says:

    Bucky ROOLZ DA TOOB! He makes my liver and lights go all squashy.
    Peace, V.

  3. Maitri says:

    Aaaaaaw, that’s a rather handsome looking Bucky!

  4. I try to be amused says:

    For Riot:
    (My twin) I know he looks like me
    (My twin) Hates work like me and walks like me
    (My twin) He’s even got a twin like me
    — They Might Be Giants, “My Evil Twin”

  5. pansypoo says:

    but you let them out. it’s your fault.

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