Anybody wannaCrack Van the cloture vote tomorrow night? The van’s just sitting there in the driveway, and one of the neighbors asked why we never drove it anymore.


12 thoughts on “Van

  1. Elspeth Ravenwind says:

    Crikey…I’m going to a high school mini-reunion tomorrow night…am making rum cupcakes. What time does the van roll out?

  2. joejoejoe says:

    I’m going to see The Pixies tomorrow night so no van for me. If the van is rockin’, somebody please rhetorically kick Joe Lieberman in the virtual balls for me.

  3. virgotex says:

    If you do it, I will come. If you don’t, I’ll be doing the same thing over on twitter (which of course, does not have the sound effects so itsn’t as much fun)

  4. Athenae says:

    The vote is scheduled at 8, so maybe we start at like 6 or so? I dunno, whenever CSpan starts covering shit that looks exciting.
    (I’m so organized, right?)

  5. virgotex says:

    “whenever CSpan starts covering shit that looks exciting”
    yeah, that’s CSpan.
    We might have to wait forever…

  6. M31 says:

    Woo hoo!
    On c-span4: “Amending the procedure for voting on cloture of procedural voting amendment procedures: HR77785-g. Opening statements.”
    I’m so there.

  7. Jim Pharo says:

    I like crack.
    And vans.

  8. Athenae says:

    Arright, we’ll give it a whack. Say 6 p.m. central. If something major occurs before then I’ll throw it up early.
    (If something major occurs before then, somebody e-mail me, okay? I have all day tomorrow scheduled to clean out the staggering amounts of junk in my office and I may fall into the pile never to be seen again.)

  9. BuggyQ says:

    Why do they always schedule these things when I have a performance? You’d think they’d check with me first. Sheesh.
    I’ll stop in as soon as I get home–hopefully you won’t have crashed by then.

  10. Maybe I’ll spend a little time in ‘da Crack Van Catbus O’DOOOOOOOOOMMM!’ – I’ll have the rum cupcakes, so what am I worried about? 😉
    I miss my :slap noise…I need a spanking.

  11. pansypoo says:

    i’ll be ignoring it.

  12. David Derbes says:

    If possible I’ll hop on the van. Dinner with fambly may get in the way, but I’ll try.
    Thanks, A!

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