The Table of Contents is the Problem!

Michael Steele, whose blog is no longer called “What Up?” but is still riddled with grammatical errors and also general nonsense:

From 1 PM to 1 AM, we exposed 12 truths about the Obama-Pelosi
government-run health care experiment, and we answered your questions
via email, Facebook and Twitter, comparing the
1,990-page monstrosity that is the House Democrats’ bill with the 219
page GOP bill, which was unveiled just this week.


Second, it’s won’t kill jobs.

It’s might, however, kill any English teacher that happens to read it.

The commenters, all 11 of them, are not impressed:

The RNC sends me weekly requests for money and support. I was a PCO in
Wa. state (until I was bounced out for being too conservative) and
continued to support the party until the McCain debacle last year,
which I worked for and supported financially in desperation. No more! I
will not lift a finger to help banana Republicans (try carving a man
out of one) demonstrate fealty to the Constitution and the Christian
principles of our founding. A good start would be to discipline
traitors like Rep. Cao and Senator Graham for their persistent betrayal
of the above mentioned document and principles in the interest of
getting their smug faces on TV. They must be stripped of their
positions on committees and replaced with real republicans. Now you
will say: that’s not going to happen. I’ve already told you something
else that’s not going to happen. I’ll tell you again, I will not lift a
finger to help banana Republicans get elected.

Well, and you have to carve men out of them!


5 thoughts on “The Table of Contents is the Problem!

  1. Why did it only take 219 pages. Well if you don’t include details, how many pages does it take to say give money to the corporate overlords?

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