A Moment of Love for Harry

Credit where it’s due:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid may have just endeared himself to
liberal bloggers across the land. This morning, he took some heat from
Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), who cited aWashington Post column to attack health care reform:

“In tomorrow’sWashington Post, David Broder, their
distinguished senior columnist, certainly not a political conservative,
expresses his reservation as a citizen about the steps that we could be
about to take,” McConnell said.

Reid couldn’t have been less impressed. “To focus on a man who has
been retired for many years and writes a column once in a while is not
where we should be.”

Now, get your people in line and get this shit DONE, man. We don’t have all day out here.


4 thoughts on “A Moment of Love for Harry

  1. Broder most certainlyis a political conservative. He’s also undoubtedly covered by at least two health policies and probably could afford pretty much anything that he needs.
    But Mitch thinks he’s a moderate and representative of the nation, demonstrating the “color of the sky in his world.”

  2. Reid has gone from hero to goat and back damn near every day during the HCR debate. It gives me a lot of respect for the job. There is a hella book waiting to be written about this process.

  3. To see this little incident as Reid being a hero is wishful thinking.
    “Ooh, Harry Reid insulted David Broder!”
    If Reid called McConnell out on his and his party’s record of fail, I would be impressed, but we all know that is not going to happen. OMG! We wouldn’t want to politicize politics now, would we?
    It is my belief that Reid is majority leader because the Dem senators are unwilling to allow someone to hold the position who would or could advance the party’s alleged platform. They Democratic Party platform is merely a presentation piece to get votes, just like that of the Republicans. The so-called health care reform bill is a prime example.

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