I Love My People


According to a military official, detainees at a Wisconsin National
Guard camp in Iraq are using Brett Favre as a manner of getting at the
guard troops there.

“They know Favre by name,” said First Lieutenant Tim Boehnen, who is from New Richmond, Wis.

“One of the big words they know now is shenanigan. They’ll
constantly talk about ‘Favre shenanigans,’ ‘He’s so good for the
Vikings,’ and ‘The Packers have got to really feel bad about that
one.’ “

According to Boehnen, it started when troops there started decorating their camp in Packers colors.

“We try to allow our troops to have as much fun in the compound as
they can while still maintaining our professional manner,” explained

“We spend a lot of time painting and making our compound our own and
representing us. Obviously, wherever Wisconsinites go, we bring the
Packers with us.”

Once the decoration job happened, detainees became curious.

“They obviously then started up the conversations, and started
talking about Brett Favre. They soon learned about Favre going to the
Vikings, and things just started going downhill from there.”



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  1. Can’t take a little Brett Favre heat? What kind of candyass sissies are we sending over there?

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