Taibbi Goes Rogue

Matt sums up the human condition quite nicely in a post about Sarah Palin:

Complaining about the assholes we interact with on a daily basis is
the #1 eternal pastime of the human race. We all do it, and we get to
do it every day, because the world is full of assholes. Me personally,
I waste an enormous amount of time seething over people who get onto
crowded subway cars with big backpacks on and/or talk in the Amtrak
quiet car and/or drive 57 mph in the fast lane or, my personal
favorite, walking with glacial slowness in a horizontal row four
overweight tourists across on a New York City sidewalk. We all get into
furious arguments at work that make us want to explode in
self-righteous fury (in my office dramas I always realizeIwas
actually the asshole a day or so later) and when we get home from work,
this is usually what our loved ones hear about for at least the first
hour or so.

Not health care, not financial regulatory reform, not Iraq or Afghanistan, but — assholes.

Sarah Palin is on an endless crusade against assholes. It’s all she
thinks about. She doesn’t really have any political ideas, in the
classic sense of the word — in fact the only thing resembling real
political convictions inGoing Roguerevolve around the Trans-Alaska pipeline and how awesome she thinks it is.

5 thoughts on “Taibbi Goes Rogue

  1. However, I can’t help but note that her resignation as governor, her leaving the book signing, etc…
    She has quite a history of publically disrespecting the folks who have worked to her benefit. In short, even though she smiles when she does it, she seems quite the orifice herself.

  2. If it were Athenae posting this, Adrastos, I’d be sure the only reason she did was because of the gratuitous Wire reference in the last sentence. But since it’s you, I know it’s not *just* that. 😉 And doesn’t Taibbi just nail it?
    Frank Rich was pretty good this weekend, too. I’ve always thought that Tina Fey was the perfect person to play Palin–not just because of the look, but because Tina Fey wrote Mean Girls, and Palin is the stereotypical mean girl.

  3. I’m big on gratuitous Wire references. I posted it because I had one of those “what as asshole” moments in the drug store this morning.

  4. Too bad Sarah Palin’s crusade against assholes will wind up with her shattering her lance at the same time she shatters her mirror…

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