Malakatude On The Wire

I’ve hadThe Wire on the brain this week. For one thing, the pride of NOLA, Wendell Pierce, who played Bunk, has endorsed the Mayoral candidacy of his old friend, Troy Henry. Henry isn’t going anywhere as a candidate (not even as a trojan horse) for thereasons I describe in this post, which includes a teevee spot featuring Wendell. Btw, I don’t consider Pierce to be a malaka for supporting an old buddy: it’s what friends do.

Back to malakatude onThe Wire. My born again commitment to the malaka of the week has reminded me of Season-2 wherein Greek gangsters and labor racketeers are the targets of our favorite Balmer cops. In the scene below, Ziggy, the feckless son of labor leader and reluctant crook Frank Sobotka learns the true meaning of the word malaka:

7 thoughts on “Malakatude On The Wire

  1. It was early this year when I watched all the seasons pretty much back to back. I didn’t get hooked until season 4… wished I had watched them like that earlier, before season 5 aired. While I liked season 5, yeah, it seemed to lack compared to the others.
    Last night I thought about season 5 when I heard that the WaPo was closing all their bureaus. I know you remember the scene I am thinking of, one of the “do more with less” themed outings that were frequent during the last run.

  2. Ah. Thanks for the tip about “The Wire”.
    First time I heard of it, but you betcha I looked it up.

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