Thanksgiving video 2: A place where we ache to go again

One of the six or seven folks who hadn’t watched the show before, I finally gave in toMad Men this season, mostly because an old friend kept pushing me to watch it. (Happy now, Marie?) Now I understand that in addition to his many other sins, we can blame Don Draper every time some goddamned commercial makes us cry. The last episode of the first season, The Wheel takes place during Thanksgiving week, 1960.

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving video 2: A place where we ache to go again

  1. where’s the endless travel slides?
    HA! my uncle gave me a PRE_wheel slide thingy.or competitor. slides i have only ccause i wanted the bitchin metal slide boxes for my art slides. got some cool archaeological slides.

  2. Chiefly due to his actions, Don had put miles of emotional distance between himself, his family and these truly warm moments. Given that the show’s chronology began well after these moments, it acts as a slap to the face that he had been capable of helping create these moments. To combine this remarkable character writing with the acute observations of marketing and the indictments of human nature inherent in our vulnerabilities to these techniques- it’s both exhilirating and depressing at once.

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