Friday Ferretblogging



Puck’s so squirrelly lately (he’s the last one to lose his coat so he’s constantly scratching and the others have no sympathy) that the only way to photograph him is to make like an airplane and fly him around the room.


4 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging

  1. AWWWWWW!!!! Ferrets. They are so cute. Friends had a very large albino ferret. She would crawl into a plastic bag and liked to have it picked up and twirled around. It became a good way to take her out of her cage and put her back in.

  2. Puck LOVES a plastic bag. It’s his favorite place to sleep. Once in a while he’ll get stuck in the handle and run around with it trailing after him like the most pathetic superhero cape ever. Naturally, by the time I’ve gone to get the camera, he’s found his way out of it again.

  3. My young kitteh Butterscotch also gets into the plastic bag habit, and usually, i don’t manage to catch her until she has done enough panicking and freaking out to knock over all of my shit (especially my DVD racks) then all i can do is snuggle her and re-assure her that she is not, in fact, still in the clutches of TEH EVIL BAG! (as, by this point, she is wide-eyed with terror over the bag itself and all the clatter that ensues when she goes all kitty-freak-out trying to get it off)

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