During the 2008 election local NOLA teevee was blissfully free of overheated national ads. We had ads for the Landrieu-Kennedy senate race and saw the national ads on cable but the local news and, more importantly, Jeopardy were politics free zone. That’s changed with the health care reform debate.

Louisiana may be a red state but my area features a Republican, Cao who voted for the House bill and a Democrat, Melancon, who voted against. So, our airwaves have been bombarded with ads praising and attacking our Congresspeeps for their votes. The most annoying ad is one from the Chamber Of Commerce that praises Melancon for “standing up for Louisiana values.” I was not aware that upholding the status quo had anything to do with values.

There are, of course, a veritable plethora (one of my favorite cliches) of ads aimed at Senator Mary Landrieu. Everyone wants her vote. I’m afraid, however, that she too will stand up for “Louisiana values” and refuse to support a bill with a public option.

In the case of Ms. Landrieu I would love to be a fly on the wall during some family discussions on health care reform: more than a few of her kin are howling liberals. I hope she listens to her relatives but I suspect that insurance money will seem more eloquent to her. I’m afraid that the best we can hope for from Mary is another vote in favor of cloture: my gut instinct tells me that even Bad Max’s bill is too strong for her.

3 thoughts on “Bombarded

  1. It’s not like Mary’s going to get any Republican support as a result of her voting against health care reform. She plays to those Louisiana racists who are convinced that health care reform is just another program that will take away from Whites and give Blacks. Cao surprised me with his vote. I didn’t think he had any cajones whatsoever. I still believe he’s a one-timer, regardless of his vote for health cre.

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