The Saints Are Still Undefeated? Pinch Me

The NFL franchise that brought you the bag heads is now 11 and 0 after whipping the New England Patriots 38-17. Here are a few random notes and slightly modified reflections first posted at theAdrastos Virtual Cafe:

  • I admit to being gobsmacked that
    the game was such a rout. I thought the Pats would win. I would still
    prefer that the Saints lose a regular season game: it’s hard to go
    19-0. Just ask Bill Frakking Belichick.
  • Speaking
    of Bill Frakking Belichick, he’s the Tricky Dick of professional
    sports down to the scowl and glower. I keep expecting him to say “let
    me make this perfectly clear” or “let me say this about that.”
  • I
    wish the NFL wouldn’t turn the coaches into human billboards for their
    team gear. I miss the days of Lombardi and Landry in their suits and
    fedoras or John Madden looking eternally rumpled in his short shirt
    sleeves and badly knotted tie.
  • I’ve
    been reluctant to say this before but Drew Brees reminds me of Joe
    Montana. Joe couldn’t throw the ball 75 yards either but he was deadly
    accurate and cool under fire. Besides, former LSU Tiger great JaMarcus
    Russell has an amazing arm and has been a major bust in the pros thus
  • I usually listen
    to Henderson and Hokie on WWL radio with the mute button on the teevee
    but I was DVRing stuff tonight. Jaws is okay but Gruden and the other
    guy are dolts. It’s back to WWL from now on.
  • I refuse to say Who Dat. It’s too exclamation pointy for my taste.
  • The
    340 pound Patriot Defensive Lineman Vince Wilfork is aptly named. I
    could stand to lose some weight myself but he reminds me of former
    Dodger reliever Terry Forster who David Letterman called “a fat tub of
  • Finally, I
    wish the teevee people would show the Wiseman brothers in their jump
    suits just once. I want to seeMr. Clio andDillyberto in HD. (The Wisemans are NOLA bloggers and bon vivants. They also wear shrimp boots and hard hats to home games. They’re a stitch.)

I’m too tired to pinch myself so I’ll let my favorite Canadian band, Barenaked Ladies, do the job. They’re clearly equal to the task, eh:

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11 thoughts on “The Saints Are Still Undefeated? Pinch Me

  1. Not surprised they won, but a little surprised that they confused the living shit out of the Pats and the Legendary Coach of the Hoodie couldn’t make adjustments to get back in the game.
    As a Vikings fan, I was kinda counting on Pretty Boy and my former Fav Wide Receiver to stop that streak, but Saints I can root for. Saint Manning and the Colts? Not so much.
    Enjoy the ride.

  2. Gruden is such a schmo. I want Madden and Summerall in there. Really. Clear the whole booth in there and get those guys.

  3. Man I knew they were really good but damn they were fucking AWESOME. The superbowl is theirs to lose. I don’t see anyone coming into their house and beating them.
    The whole undefeated thingee will just get heavier each week so yeah a loss could be a good thing though they surely want to win it all
    My boss is from Boston and a huge Pats fan and I always tell him…ya ya Bilichik is a frakking genius but he dresses like a BUM!
    I CANNOT STAND GRUDEN!!!!!!!! Someone please hire him as a coach!

  4. Scout, all I could think when they showed Belichick’s ensemble as he was walking off the field at the end of the game was, “God, he came in the floppiest pajamas imaginable! Where are his slippers?”
    At least the man walked over and congratulated Brees, which is more than Brady the Poutmeister did.

  5. Spot-on with the Belichick/Nixon comparison. Indeed. I wonder about his pulling the starters late, but not that late in the game, as well as the overly effusive praise for the Saints at his press conference. Reminds me a little of Edwin Edwards conceding in 1987 after the open primary…or the Rethugs after the 2006 election…

  6. Last night’s game reminded me of the all-powerful 49ners era. Been watching Brees since his days at Purdue. (Yes I used to live in West Lafayette) He is the new Montana.
    WHO DAT. (no exclaimation point just for you Darlin’)

  7. It doesn’t need the exclamation point. Only if you’re gonna add WHO DAT SAY DEY GONNA BEAT DEM SAINTS!
    And yeah, I know it’s grammatically incorrect, y’all. Just deal. 😎
    (interestingly enough, “DAT” isn’t underlined as possible spell check word…nor is “DEM”…)

  8. Every team deserves at least one winning season. The Saints have finally gotten theirs. I was in San Francisco during those heady days in the 80s, and despite my being anything but a football fan, the accompanying community euphoria in the city was kinda nice. New Orleans can use a little community-wide feel good right now. So, yeah, Go Saints!

  9. Oh yeah, one additional comment: The Christmas Album by Bare Naked Ladies is great! If you don’t have it, treat yourself.

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