8 thoughts on “Thirty Thousand More

  1. Bleeping bleep. It sure doesn’t look like a necessary war, which means we should not be fighting it. Never mind that we cannot afford it.
    In other news (NYTimes, business section, today, “A financial mirage in the desert”) it emerges that post-TARP (14 Dec 2008), Citigroup invested/loaned 8 billion in this Dubai venture. I can haz pitchfork?

  2. Yessir that’s a great little war you got there. Hardly used at all. Only driven on Sundays by a little old lady going to church and now it’s all yours.
    Remember though, at this price you’ll have to take it as is with no warranty.
    Good Luck!

  3. fuck this owning shit. georgee ignored afghanistan for how many years playing 10 little indians in the shit pile and playing his oedipal war in iWaq. obama owns it if it gets better.

  4. Yes, he owns it now. My newly returned sailor says there is nothing we can do to make it better but get out. He says it is just a sink hole for money – sending tons over there and getting nothing.
    I also got the awesome news from his twin brother, my OTHER sailor, that he is 2nd in line for a trip to The Stan. I’m thinking a 30,000 troop increase just might make that more likely.
    Thanks for change I can believe in. How can you not realize that Darth Cheney is going to say mean things about you NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO so you really shouldn’t take your marching orders from him.

  5. I’ll give the President somewhat of a pass in the difference between 1) Getting us into a problem versus 2) We’re there, we broke it, and we have some responsibility to fix it. But I’ll be looking for a firm timeline of how we’re working our way out of the situation.
    In related news, AP reports yesterday’s paper (from?Congressional hearing) that December 2001, we had Bin Laden in Tora Bora and somehow “Dead or Alive” Bush / Cheney / Rumsfeld somehow didn’t act on the intelligence when a relatively small number of troops could have gotten Bin Laden plus many of his top deputies.
    Yeah, I know it has been in the rumor mill for 8 years. But now Congress is verifying it.

  6. More GIs dead. More Afghans killed. Still running the black prisons.
    Still torturing POWs. Gitmo’s still open. Swap out Al Qaeda, swap in Taliban.
    Same shit, different day.

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