It’s the Same Politico

There’s no such thing as a split media personality:

As I’ve noted before, there are twoPoliticos. There’s the goodPolitico,
which offers big-picture, reported pieces that genuinely change the
conversation, and boasts bloggers who break news, offer regular
insights, and use Web-based journalistic techniques better than other
“non-ideological” outlets do. The not-so-goodPolitico
feshitizes Drudge and lunges for the catty gossip that will reverberate
inside the Beltway bubble, and unabashedly sees these things as virtues.

Taken as a whole, though, these things make up the whole Politico. The shitty things Politico does reflect on it just as much as the allegedly good stuff (from my perspective, the hilarious John Kerry stories they always seem to get, and occasionally Ben Smith when he pulls his head out of his ass), and you can’t say it’s not the same organization. And VandeHei’s in charge of all of it.

And VandeHei is the piece of human garbage who thought Hurricane Gustav would offer the GOP a “do-over” for Katrina.

So as to Sargent’s point, that this is basically link-baiting:

The decision will either mightly piss off liberal bloggers and new
media types, or they’ll just dismiss it as the latest sign of the
traditional media’s corruption and decline.

Or it will make people with an ounce of compassion and common sense ashamed to share a PLANET with the Pulitzer Board now that the man who could write this self-serving half-assed morally dyslexic monstrosity:

There’s no doubt it’s a bit morbid to think about (and write about) the politics of a potentialnatural disaster,
and the thoughts — and prayers — of those gathering here are keenly
focused on the Americans who face potential peril in Gustav’s path.
That’s true for Republicans, Democrats and members of the media alike.

But this is anational political convention, and the potential political fallout of Gustav is a topic that was consumingRepublican Party
and McCain campaign officials on Sunday — one day before the official
start of what had been planned as four days of festivities here.

For that story alone, this man should be spit at on the street.



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  1. And for all the heat about VandeHei, it’s still the same org that awarded Maureen Dowd (in 1999) and Thomas Friedman (in 2002). So I’m only slightly more ashamed now.

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