John Cornynitsyn?

As a constituent of Bitter Vitter, I’m always delighted when someone else’s wingnut solon says something stupid. I usually leave the John Cornyn bashing to Virgo Tex but he’s really stepped in it this time bycomparing health care reform to the gulag:

It will limit people’s choices to, in many cases, to a government-run
program like Medicaid which is essentially a health care gulag, because
people will not have any choices but to take that poorly performing
government plan.

I realize that extreme and OTT rhetoric is in fashion right now but this is a bit much even for a Gooper from Texas. As anyone with a brain larger than a peanut knows, the gulag consisted of concentration camps for enemies of the Soviet state. The metaphor is not only inapt, it’s an insult to the dissidents who did time in the gulag. Of course, Senator Cornyn is an empty suit who physically resembles the late Texas Governor John Connally. But Big John was nobody’s fool so I guess Cornyn could be described as Connally with a lobotomy.

Given the gulag reference, I wonder if Cornyn thinks that he’s channeling the late Alexander Solzhenitsyn. I’m trying to visualize Senator Cornynitsyn with a full bushy beard strutting down the streets of Dallas, or better yet Laredo, accompanied by a coven of Cossacks and a bevy of babushkas. Of course, such a display could get you plugged in the Lone Star state so I guess Cornyn will stick to shooting off his mouth in an inappropriate and nonsensical fashion. It’s what he does, after all…


4 thoughts on “John Cornynitsyn?

  1. Don’t hold back now. When it comes to bashing Cornyn, KBH, Perry, etc., knock yerself out. Cornyn, in my opinion, is the dimmest of the lot, too.
    And of course, as we all know, what Cornyn really thinks or knows is not really the point. Like all the other Rep/Cons, he’s just making overtures to the even crazier base.

  2. In another ten years, there ought to be enough Hispanic, Africa-American and liberal voters to throw some of those knuckle-dragging, dimwits (aka Republicans) out into the street.

  3. Was it not Cornyn that hired Box Turtle Ben to write speeches for him?
    I’ll bet there’s a whole stack of one-liners that Domenech left next to half-empty bottle of Mountain Dew and a couple of empty Cheetos bags (giant economy size), and this is just one more of them.
    Cornyn’s entiremodus operandi, ever since the Box Turtle Days, has been to toss off comparisons that are so outrageous, and so utterly confusing and meaningless, that his pea-brained right-wing constituents are so baffled by them that they interpret them as profound.
    He knows that everyone else is going to say of him, “what a maroon,” but, he doesn’t care. As long as the crazies believe he’s a great thinker, he has a chance of staying in office.

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