10 thoughts on “The Blizzard of Aught-Nine

  1. Hope you’re managing ok…I’ve gotta say I don’t miss snow AT ALL. Not even when it’s 98 degrees with 98 percent humidity down here.

  2. Holy goddamn balls, better there than here. On the other hand, I’d have beenmuch dryer if I’d had to walk to work through a holy balls goddamn blizzard instead of through an inch of slush on the ground and a holy balls goddamn freezing downpour.
    Interrobang wasnot a happy camper, especially since the bus drivers here in Whitebreadville rejected the transit commission’s contract offer, and so will wind up being on strike indefinitely. At Christmastime, too, the lunks.
    Also, as to blizzards, call me back when you get three and a half feet of snow in 30h, kay, and the entire area north of your city getsfive to seven feet, kay? 😀

  3. Holy Hell : I thought 12 feet plus over the winter was bad enough…though I left that behind decades ago. That was Down East : where I have seen snow stick to the sides of buildings. These days I play in powder snow…and not usually a lot of that…though blizzards are never a good idea.

  4. This is all part of global warming, according to the Al Gore. It’s actually a balmy 87 degrees outside right now, for those who really believe. Once he and his cronies start implementing their crippling carbon taxes on everything you buy and do as well as their poverty inducing programs that require you to retrofit everything you have with “environmentally friendly” versions/adaptations (which they sell, naturally) right after we ship all our industrial jobs overseas, the universe will magically be saved! We wouldn’t be in this predicament if you had learned to recycle your milk cartons and didn’t sometimes forget to turn off your porch light! Shame! Shame!

  5. I submitted the Sunkist photo to Failblog as Breakfast Fail, but I’m thinking y’all can come up with an even better caption.

  6. Breakfast fail? Perhaps. Situational irony win? Absolutely.
    And now I feel bad for not even having a porch light. You know what’s funny? I can’t tell if ArnePaul is being a snarky realist or a sincere fruitbat.

  7. I’ve never been called snarky before…I kind of like it…
    btw, I don’t even have a porch and I can’t figure if I’m part of the solution or the crux of the problem…

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