Monkey See, Monkey Do

As Jude has aptly noted, the snow hit this area with a vengeance
this week. We’re now sitting with -25 wind chills, so it’ll be a while before
any of this stuff disappears. The U closed off all of its classes, the Midget’s
school closed up for the day and pretty much everything else out here buttoned
up and stayed home.It was so bad
that the TV news was not only announcing school and business closing, but was
also noting that several funerals had been postponed. The dead didn’t even want
to be out…

If you’ve not experienced 14 inches of snow, let me explain:
It’s like driving through pudding, no matter how good your car is. We’ve got a
4-wheel drive truck that helps us get around, but as the sheriff out here was
apt to note, having 4-wheel drive can keep you moving, but when you go to stop,
you’re just like the rest of us. In short, be prepared to call AAA from a

The plow crews out by us (a town of about 3,000) did a
fantastic job. The city nearby where both The Missus and I work apparently gave
Stevie Wonder a spatula and told him to go clear the roads. Even two days after
the major stuff hit, they still didn’t have stuff cleared well or salted

It took me about two hours with a good snow blower to clear
the drive way and then another half hour to clear out the apron after the plow
went through. This was a day to put on something warm, snuggle in and stay

The Missus, however, had to go to work. Apparently, the YMCA
never closes out here. Her boss has been a stickler on this and more than
frowns on people who try to call in on days like this.

I understand that certain businesses need to stay open. If I
needed food, money or health care, I get that those things are NEEDS and that
not having them might be problematic. However, I can’t imagine that working out
or playing in the soccer arena is something of critical importance. I found
this to be patently absurd.

However, the Missus limped the truck down the best road to
work, using an access often frequented by ambulances as they went to the area
hospital. Even that was crappy. When she got to work to discuss the matter with
her boss, it turns out that her boss had called in that day, choosing to use a
day of vacation so she could stay home.

This might be a minor thing, but when you are demanding that
the minimum-wage staff of your establishment risk life and limb to keep a
superfluous business open for the six people nuts enough to show up, you should
gut it up as a boss and be there as well. When the kids at the newsroom decided
that they were not cancelling the final paper of the year, no matter what the
university was doing, they asked me to show up and I did. As a leader, I can’t
tell them, “Yeah, I want you to do X but I won’t do it myself.”

That’s not leadership. That’s hypocrisy.

10 thoughts on “Monkey See, Monkey Do

  1. I remember having to drive through a few serious snowstorms to get to work…ugh. At least Madison had pretty good snow removal services, but I also made it a point to live within walking distance to work and/or school for the most part.

  2. You know it’s serious when they close stuff in Wisconsin. My wife read Jude’s post the other day and said to me: “Snow days in Wisconsin? Who knew? They’ve gotten soft since your mom’s day.”

  3. We had a relatively snowy week here, but the worst was the subzero temps and wind. Unfortunately, it’s finals week. The last time we had a major storm during finals week, they closed on the Friday, but even that was enough to screw up all sorts of things. So they swore no more finals week snow days.

  4. Stay warm, folks. I am so glad I live in Hawaii. High of 82 today, low of 70 tonight. I’m sitting here wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Windows open, ceiling fans whirring away.

  5. i had a REPUBLIKKKLAN boss like that. ran a shitty stained glass studio. the pay sucked + he made me come in when there was a snow storm. i drove home many miles in 8 in of snow. also worked whn the windchill was -50 AND THERE WERE WINDOW SHOPPERS. WTF???

  6. Fourteen inches of snow isn’t that drastic.This is a really bad snowstorm — we had three and a half feet of snow fall in 30h, and we got off lightly. Forty-five minutes’ drive north of us, they had five toseven feet fall in 30h.
    It snows a lot here, though, basically as much as in Buffalo, NY.

  7. “Even two days after the major stuff hit, they still didn’t have stuff cleared well or salted properly.”
    Regular salt only works down to about 15 degrees; below that, you have to use other salt compounds with lower freezing points…but they’re more expensive, so they don’t get used as regularly.

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