6 thoughts on “I Think I Wanna Write a Book About the Harvard Crimson Now

  1. Still have my pica rule from high school. Keep in my desk drawer at work and whenever someone asks to borrow a ruler I send them away with the pica pole. It makes for interesting conversation when they return a few minutes later looking very humble. Not very often you can get something over on the IT types, but a pica rule usually works.

  2. I still have several pica rules from my days as a production editor. I usually set my word processors to use pica/point measures instead of inches for things like margins. I still think in picas and points.

  3. Okay, Tommy wins.
    PG, when I do design work I still find myself wanting to tell people story lengths in inches instead of words. And laugh and laugh when they say 750 words is “writing long.”

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