So What’s Left?

Fuck you, Harry. Fuck you, Joey. May your last days be haunted by the faces of the people you helped condemn to death in the richest country in the entire world.

I mean it, what’s left?

Walking in to the meeting, Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) was asked whether
the buy-in, and a triggered public option would be stripped from the

“[L]ooks that way,” Harkin said. “There’s enough good in this bill that even without those two.”

As I was alluding last night, I just don’t have confidence we’ll be able to build on this later, which is what most of the defenders of the clusterfuck as well as the kindly people trying to keep other Internet peeps from jumping off a ledge are saying. Get this now, next year we pass X to make it better, next year we pass Y to make it better still.

Well, okay, but you’re counting on continued GOP electoral fail plus a bunch of people who bought sweeping reovlutionary change instead of slow incremental progress not saying “fuck this” and staying home in future elections. Neither of those things are a gimme at this point. That the Republicans are disorganized and crazy and self-destructing is all well and good; doesn’t mean people won’t vote for them.

And I know it’s gauche to mention it, but in the interim while we wait for what’s to be improved upon here, there will be A LOT OF DEAD PEOPLE. Not to mention bankruptcies and in the best case scenario a few thousand ulcers from everybody worrying about the fucking earth caving in if they get the sniffles.

(Plus once again the dirty fucking hippies were right about Joe Lieberman, and once again absolutely no one cares. Fuck you, Dick Durbin, O Senator of Mine, for defending this douchebag for years.)


10 thoughts on “So What’s Left?

  1. Oh and Fuck Rahm too
    What a mistake it was to bring his sorry ass into the White House

  2. So what’s going to be in the final bill? Anything? Is it just a 2,000-page “Everything’s fine here” document? Or are they going to add something to require everyone to subsidize the insurance industry instead?
    Obama’s gonna try to defend this awful thing in the State of the Union address, isn’t he? I’d love to hear a Democrat — a real Democrat — yell “You lie” when he does it.

  3. I second Scott’s suggestion — YOU LIE!
    Also, I am done with them and telling them so — every single email I get requesting money will be answered with a letter I have drafted telling them to go to hell — and why. This includes Obama, Reid, the DNC, the DGA, Senator Kohl, etc. I will only send money to Al Franken, from now on. And charity — I will send more to my favorite charities — they will need it.

  4. Afghanistan is now “Obama’s War”. This pathetic mess is now “Obama’s Health Care Bill”. What a legacy the man is building. First a Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing, then a pointless war, followed by a Christmas Present for the Wealthy Health Insurance Leeches. Isn’t it great to have a progressive president?

  5. Perhaps that comment was too bitter. The intractable problem we face is capitalism. As long as we celebrate our economic system, which allows people to become wealthy by being parasites, by ripping off the sick, and as long as we worship those who collect massive amounts of money above all else, the health care problem can’t be solved. While we rave about “evil” and our need to kill people to combat it, we ignore the real evil we face – capitalism.

  6. Fuck the Dems. I was done with the GOP in 1986 after Iran-Contra proved Reagan was a senile old shitbag. Now I’m fucking done with the Democrats. Voting GOP is like asking to be raped and murdered, while voting Dem means you’ll just get raped. Either way, you’re fucked. Let’s form a liberal third party and run Kucinich/Feingold in 2012. I won’t vote for Obama again under any fucking circumstances that I can forsee, since he’s as much of a worthless corporate sellout as any other of these rat bastards.

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