The Dark Side Of El Nino

I’m not talking about some chap from Barcelona or Sevilla, I’m talking about the El Nino weather pattern we’re experiencing this year. (I don’t know how to add a tilde to the N at TypePad so we’ll just have to muddle through.) We New Orleanians *loved* El Nino last summer: it kept those pesky hurricanes away and spared us from having to listen toRay Nagintell us to get the hell out of Dodge like some hipster chicken little. Run, man, run…

El Nino in the winter, however, is a different kettle of fish altogether. It is one mean sumbitch and has given us a very wet December indeed. In fact, it became the wettest December on record last Saturday when parts of the area had between 6 to 10 inches of rain and much of it came in a 4 hours span.

Since it’s kind of low and flat around here, there waswidespread street flooding Saturday night. Dr. A and I were stranded high and dry in deep shit suburbia for 4 frakking hours before the water receded enough for us to leave without flooding our car. We were in Jefferson Parish, so I kept hoping thatSteven Seagal: Law Man and his rather long in the tooth “boys” would arrive to help but they didn’t. Bastards. Btw, If you haven’t seen the new A & E series of that name and you like MST3K, Cinematic Titanic and/or Rifftrax, you gotta see it. It’s unintentionally hilarious and gets me riffing like Crow T Robot. Thanks, Mr. Seagal, you clueless zen practitioner, you.

It’s raining cats and dogs again tonight (I’ve never understood that expression but use it anyway; arf, meow) and more flooding is forecast for lower lying areas in what Sinatra would have surely calledthe wee small hours of the morning. Mercifully, Dr A and I live on high ground near the Big Muddy so we’ll be high and dry but others won’t be so lucky. My friend and fellowNOLA blogger Editor B’s wife’s car stalled and flooded on Airline Highway, which some folks have tried to rename Airline Drive to erase theJimmy Swaggart hooker motelstigma. It didn’t work.

Where am I going with this? Tohell in a bucket probably. Actually, I have a long (by internet standards) tradition on my blog of posting rain songs so I thought that I’d import it to First Draft. Hmm, I wonder if I have to go through customs? I’d rather have Athenae search my bags than Jude, he’d probably steal stuff…

Our first rainy day tune comes from the Fab Four:

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p>Since it’s a melancholy night here in Debrisville here’s a bit of Peter Gabriel:

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p>Finally, since this is kinda, sorta a Midwestern based blog, the Jayhawks live:

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8 thoughts on “The Dark Side Of El Nino

  1. El Nino (Fernando Torres) is my favorite soccer player although he is having some rainy days of his own for Liverpool right now.

  2. Ever heard The Rain Song by the Continental Drifters? Off their Vermillion album. Susan Cowsill tears it UP on that song.

  3. Thanks, Ray.
    Virgo: I have the CD. It’s a great song. Susan is an acquaintance and a *great* singer.
    It’s stil raining here, Unbelievable.

  4. Another way to generate “ñ” is to select it in Character Map (in Windoze XP it’s under Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools) — I’m not sure if Typepad will require you to select the matching font or not.
    Anyway, I’ve been worried/wondering how the rain is affecting NOLA. We’re getting our share, but I’m fortunate to be on some of the higher ground up here. One personal worry, though: I’ve hired South Coast Solar to install a new water heater and some solar panels…the weather is causing a delay, and if it goes beyond Dec 31st that could cause problems claiming various tax credits that are supposed to finance the bulk of the work.

  5. Ouch, Michael. I hope that works out. The weather has been hell on my business so I empathize with the financial hit you could take.

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