Speaking of Us Being a Country of Assholes

Here we go with some seriously crazy crazy in the comments to this story that is, at its heart, about how hard it is to be different at a time of conformity:

No one ever talks about the homosexual lifestyle. It is wildly
different than the hetrosexual lifestyle. Studies have shown homosexual
men are far more promiscious than hetro men. There are homosexual bars
that have private areas for you know what only because that’s expected
in the culture.

Question – Of the entire homosexual
population, how many are truly homosexual and how many are simply
sexual deviants? Afterall, how do you classify a bisexual?

Question: You’re aware you spend more time thinking about secret sexy gay seXXorZ than actual gay people having gay sex do, right? I mean, I haven’t exactly taken a survey, but COME ON. Private areas for you know what? Tell us, commenter! What?

It’s OK to hate the sin, but not the sinner. We are all sinners. And we
don’t have to accept everything just because hollywood and the media
say it’s OK.

There’s nothing more loving than calling someone’s love life a sin! And who in Hollywood told you it was okay? I need someone to clear some stuff with my relatives. Tell me who I can call to give the official Hollywood blessing.

What about the parent’s right to disapprove of their son’s lifestyle?
Are we all bound to give the nod to everything in life so we’re not
seen as discriminatory? I like what I like and don’t like what I don’t
like. That is my right and it’s none of your business telling me to do
otherwise. Stop infringing on my rights.

Yes. My calling you a dick is infringing on your right to go through life being a dick without being called a dick by anyone. You’re oppressed. Call the ACLU, I’m sure they’ll help you.

I come from a large family, I have a nephew and 2 nieces who are gay. I
love them very much as I would love them if they had 2 heads or if they
were in prison or sick or mentally challenged.

I want to spend Christmas with this guy and his two-headed sick imprisoned relatives who are just like the gay people he knows! Wheee!

quite figure out how this became the lead story in the newspaper…is
it the first in a series on dysfunctional families at Christmas? (can
we even call it “Christmas” any more?)

Shhh. If you say it any louder the liberal gay penguin police will come break your door down and eggnog-board you.

The one thing that gay people cannot bear to hear is… You’re not so
special! But that is really what it is all about. We ALL have things
that we hide from our relatives at holiday dinners. We ALL have things
that our friends understand more than our families do. We ALL struggle
to find a place in the world.

SO THERE. I win the suffering Olympics! Be just as miserable and stifled and resentful as I am, goddamn it!

How selfish of these people to air their dirty, nasty secrets at
Christmastime? It ruins everyone else’s holiday. I am tired of the
“feel sorrry for me because I am gay/lesbian” stories. If they cause
tension, it’s their own fault. How would it be if someone announced she
is a prostitute or he is a drug dealer?

It would be better than if you showed up and announced you were the author of this comment.



6 thoughts on “Speaking of Us Being a Country of Assholes

  1. Oh shit . . . I clicked on the link. Must re-read your post in order to cleanse my brain of teh stupid after reading the first few turds in the comments section of the Tribune article.
    Plenty of neanderthals right here in Chicagoland I see. Too bad each one can’t get an auto-reply like the responses you provided above each time they post one of their tired, infuriating comments.

  2. Do not read comments in the Trib! Just don’t! They turn every story – every one – into a rant against either Those Who Are Undeserving or Those Who Deserve What They’re Getting.

  3. If “no one talks about the homosexual lifestyle” how did homosexual lifestyle get to be a buzz word?
    Only problem is that few of the homosexuals I know live the stereotyped homosexual lifestyle

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