‘This is for my friend Ted Kennedy’

Robert Byrd, 467 years old and still out-classing everybody else in the Senate:

Senators couldn’t wait to skip town after the long-delayed passage
of health care reform legislation this morning. High on the agenda, up
there with celebrating the holidays, and visiting with families, will
be sleep.

A tired Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV) set the tone for the event. When the
clerk called out his name, Byrd broke with protocol. Instead of calling
out his vote, Byrd shouted “Mr. President, this is for my friend, Ted
Kennedy. Aye.”

Man kicks more ass before breakfast than the rest of us do all day long.



7 thoughts on “‘This is for my friend Ted Kennedy’

  1. Senator Byrd is the best example of redemption I know of. He is a man who started his political career on the wrong side of many issues, but never once stopped learning and changing, until today he is on the right side of history on virtually everything. I’m just sorry he is not immortal.

  2. Sen. Byrd is indeed to be admired. He opened his mind, made the effort to learn about people, issues, culture and society and changed his views as he did and he shows us that changing views is not always flip-flopping.

  3. what hoppy said. Byrd shouldn’t be considered such an iconoclast because “in the real world” humans err and fail and change and are redeemed by their right intentions all the time. It’s one of the things humans do best actually. And he’s a great example of it.
    Let’s hope he keeps on going through the energy fight

  4. In your face, Tom Coburn! And all the other cretins that were praying for his demise! Merry Christmas, assholes — this one was for Teddy! Now, let’s hope that wheel of Karma starts turning on those who were praying for bad juju. I hope Byrd sticks around for as long as he wants!

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